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A couple of things I need help on...


9 Jun 2016
1) Driving home today with windows down in Sunny Manchester, I pulled up on my drive and neither window would wind up. It took several "fiddles" with the switch for each window to eventually decide to work. I fitted a new OS regulator last year. could it be the switch on its way out? would a squirt of WD40 help?
2) Last year I finally got the air con working only for it to leak from one of the kidney flanges just by the rear arches, dripping oil onto the drive and letting the gas out. Has anyone ever split these and re-jointed them? (they're aluminium so I want to avoid shearing the sodding thing) If so; what O rings are used?
Re window switch...

My drivers side window switch was basically fubar, wouldn't do anything other than one touch all the way up or down, and even then only when it felt like it.

Took the switch out (door card off and it pops out on a hinge type arrangement) split the switch (5 latches of plastic body around the circumference) and cleaned the contacts beneath the rubber pad and on the circuit board with some isopropyl. Snapped the switch back together and reinstalled the door card and all is good.

Saved the £100+ cost of a new switch but just have to see how long it holds up.
As per 6times7 its going to be the switch and it needs alcohol to clean it .. don't use wd40 :)

A/C pipes and i recommend you get you Indy to do it .. the bolts ( steel in ally ) corrode badly and often round off or snap .. its a case of trying to drill them out or cut the center pipe connection .. either way in that case you will be needing the center pipes .

What you are trying to do is save the rear pipes .. its an engine drop to replace these .

Ill also add that just changing a seal doesn't always fix them if it does come undone .. normally they are corroded to the point they don't seal .
Had the same issue with my drivers side switches, a good squirt of contact cleaner and left to dry out sorted it! Works perfectly now!

I think the problem is as soon as you open the window in even light rain, water drips directly onto the switch! Over time the contacts become contaminated or slightly corroded!
Thanks for the responses;
I'll try a squirt of contact cleaner first and if that fails; whip the door card off (it was on & off so many times last year it should jump out when i whistle.
I'll have a crack at the air con pipes myself I think; If it won't undo, I'm fine drilling it out if I need to. At least then I'll lnow how bad the seal seating is w.r.t. corrosion.
If both windows didn't work I very much doubt its anything to do with the regulators or switches, unless someone's spilt their coffee on the switches. More likely to be an ecu that has control of over riding the windows. My rear windows packed up a year or so ago when we were going through a damp period. Once car was fully dried out windows worked fine again. I suspected it was the roof control unit that had got some moisture in it. Have you got damp carpets under your seats or recently power washed the car?

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