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A Breath of Fresh Air For a Change .


21 Mar 2015
We have been searching for new mechanics for about 18 months now , due to Covid a large number of mechanics have left the trade and as such there is a UK shortage of mechanics from every manufacturer and not just Porsche .

Due to the rate that Porsche have expanded their model range and numbers sold then unfortunately Porsche mechanics are almost impossible to find as most are staying put and the few that do think of moving on are being offered higher wages as soon as their current employer finds out they are looking to leave .

We have decided on apprentices whilst still on the look out for a mechanic .

My Boss attended the colleague to see the quality , experience and aptitude of people learning this trade .

As best as i understand it , youngsters are not allowed to leave school till 18 unless they have an apprenticeship ?

well .. these guys and girls are studying to be mechanics in that age group .

My Boss picked 7 although to be fair as he said .. i could have chosen more and some over the days he was there might not have been having the best of days ..

We had 7 turn up and each was given a service , a test sheet with my Boss going through what they needed to know ..

This isn't about how good they are to a degree but a simple ability with tools and a logical mind in working through a service sheet to make sure everything was checked ..

It was actually difficult to whittle it down to 4 .. each of these will spend 2 days working with me and my colleague in the attempt to take on 2 apprentices !!!!

If we can't find mechanics .. we will train our own !!

My point though .. there are many capable youngsters .. often desperate for a job .. i chatted to some of them .. it was actually heart breaking as a parent to know how much these youngsters actually wanted a foot on the ladder .. as they said .. i need experience to get a job .. i can't get that until im given a job !!

It strikes me .. a massive shortage of mechanics .. a supply of youngsters wanting to learn .. and STILL my trade doesn't seem to be taking them on .

Halfords .. if anyone is listening .. employ people for god's sake ..

They are the future .. we will be taking on 2 and they WILL be Porsche mechanics ... i didn't start as one .. i worked my way up and so can these people .

For me .. im proud we will be employing 2 , i'm honoured at the attitude they have all shown and it's been a breath of fresh air to actually see an interest in my trade when for many years it seems i haven't .


We had some that were far more interested in becoming engineers .. worth a thought young man .. apprentices are the future if you don't already have one .

I'll just add .. i can't wait to get my hands on them lol .. make of that what you will !

Enjoy .
Where I work, we are a group of 30 franchised dealerships and have exactly the same problem. We've taken on loads of apprentices over the past 5 years as we can't find qualified techs.The only way these days is grow your own and these youngsters are so happy to learn a proper trade and get some really top drawer manufacturer training and qualifications A bigger issue will be keeping hold of them when they are qualified.
I've contemplated getting an apprentice but dont need one at present. I have back up if I'm too busy.

The issue here is the (left wing) education system and politicians have failed on transferring the youth of today in to workers where the work is required.

Ask a politician what the issue is and they'll say lack of a degree :floor:
Hi Iain, I can remember chatting with one of them, a young lady, whilst You were checking over my car. Glad it's progressing well.

At the Bicester Classic recently, parent were queuing up for details of this scheme for youngsters and it seems very popular and a great idea.


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