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A bit of a rant - decals/rear badges & unnessary Porsche


10 Jul 2011
Just looking at prices for a replacement rear Carrera badge and looked at a couple of well known sites.

I don't yet know how to explain the disgust I feel, but disgust is probably a good starting point.

How can the letters GT2 cost approx. 3 times that of Carrera, and there are a lot of other examples. It seems the more expensive ones' Porsche is, the more expensive the replacement badges are, even when there are less letters.

It seems the most gratuitous kind of Porsche taxing I can imagine. I want to kick someone in the goolies about this, it makes me really mad.

Or, is the Turbo S badge/GT2 etc etc badge made of mega light carbon or similar which justifies it being so much more expensive? I didn't see evidence to support this but I didn't look that hard, and just decided to ignorantly wage rage on my keyboard :) The Carrera bade Im looking at is apparently Titanium, I cant imagine that is much cheaper than chrome or carbon.

Im glad Im only after the basic Carrera badge otherwise I would be even more affronted.

It would be nice if those businesses that service our needs showed a little more respect for us and stopped ripping us off so blatantly. *****.
Yes, you are right about that - I think last year Roro made the same point. I replaced my 'Carrera 4S' inscription a couple of years back with a chrome effect one (to match my tail-pipes) from a dealer on eBay in the US. I think it was about £28 + p&p. Much cheaper than even a normal badge from any OPC here.

~ Maxie
When mine peeled off I too looked at the prices and was amazed.

In the end I got black 3M double sided pad and with a supersharp scalpel, I cut firstly round the entire edge face up, then a further 1mm off face down, so the pad sat in the recess behind the letters like the original adhesive.

Took over an hour, and when I peeled the back off I had a cool 'Carrera' shaped backing!

I then stuck it on the car p1ssed, and it's still p1ssed to this day.
I was in the Porsche dealership recently and I got a quote for the Carrera badge. I think about 50 pounds, and then I asked for a quote on the Carrera badge from the Carrera GT and even though they both say Carrera the second badge was more expensive! WTF??
clarkycat said:
I then stuck it on the car p1ssed, and it's still p1ssed to this day.

Just the kind of thing I would do ;-)

BTW - the sites I was looking at were not OPC, but interesting to see that OPC are charging about £50 from isysman.

Think I will go the route of resticking it back on, but will need to paint it first as it is a little tarnished.

To be fair it will be more expensive as less will have been made by the supplier who will have charged more as a result of the production costs (tools etc) against the quantity sold so as to recovery his initial outlay.
Fair point.
I doubt that the moulds for these things cost that much. Always good to hear the other side, but I imagine there is more than one place making them. If these companies so chose to go into a business with maybe two or three other manufacturers competing against them, for an extremely limited number of cars, then one has to ask what the heck were they thinking?
I could make a mould from my existing badge for a couple of quid ;-) Now there is a thought....not ;)

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