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24 Mar 2004
Saw my first 997 in the flesh Saturday morning whilst I was travelling into London on the M4. It was an S and looked the dogs danglies in silver with the big reds showing through. The ride looked pretty firm from the way the car was behaving coming off the M4 onto the flyover. I wasnt driving so didn't get a good look at the front but the rear is more curvey than the 996 and definately 993'esque. As AFN Chiswick is just down the road figured it was probably a demo and sure enough as we drove past the car had just pulled in with some lucky (smiling) punter getting out.

Anyone else spotted any out on the roads yet or been lucky enough to drive one?

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Seen several as I live near OPC Reading. Carrera S is alright, would rather have a 360 modena at that sort of money.

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I was at the Chiswick OPC on Saturday too and didn't personally think the 997s looked that great in the flesh - maybe they look better on the road??

There were 2 used Turbos parked next to them though (one with Aerokit) and they looked fantastic - I'd rather buy one of those given they were around the same price!!

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Noony learn about running costs!

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If you can afford to spend £70k on a car then you can afford £1-£2k a year on maintenance.What if the engines blow up on 997s like they do 996s?

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I went along to AFN Guildford and had a mooch round.

Anyway looked at the 997 and thought it was great. Some dodgy plastics in very minor areas within the cabin (if you want to be very picky) but the interior is a great improvement on the 996. Space enough for me at 6'4" and vastly more comfortable than my current Porsche (but then a lot of things have moved on considerably since 1989. Even me!) Possibly less space behind my seat for children but that is only an issue for them.

I was very impressed until I looked at the price tag that for the Carrera had somehow got up to something like £78K (I don't think it was the S). I suspect that this is quite competitive when you compare it with other cars at this end of the market and as Sarbs says, a lot cheaper if you take lifetime costs into consideration. But as I am not in "the money no object camp" it made the 996 Targa with 4000 miles asking £64K and a few other 996's far more attractive. This despite my dislike of the 996 face.

Maybe a base Carrera at £58K would work but I cannot stop myself looking at 993 Turbo4's in the £40K's. Not a car for every day use though so I might wait and see whether 996 prices fall back a bit and the enjoy the improved interior of that car over my current toy.

I'd give the 997 a big thumbs-up, not that anyone at Porsche will be holding their collective breath.

The but is, the new Boxster Coupe looming at signifcantly less money .......

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Noony try 9k for modena/ 13k for gallardo Insurance vs 2k for the 997, try 1-2k servicing costs even if the car doesnt move. I love the italian cars, but with the 997/996 the major financial sting comes when you buy the car, not after!

Anthony if you can wait a few months 996 prices should fall once people start part exing them for 997's. 996 targa's can be had at very competitive prices even now!

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Insurance is down to age and many other factors, you cannot count that as maintenance costs. If you're over 30 try liverpool victoria, most guys I know on that have quotes less than £2k for anything up to a stradale.

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Oh Noony you make me feel old! On that basis paying less than £2000 for 5 vehicles makes me getting on for 150!


Cars feel that age as well!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by noony on 21 September 2004
If you can afford to spend £70k on a car then you can afford £1-£2k a year on maintenance.

Is that your Ferrari maintenance estimate?? :eek:

I've heard of people dropping 20-30K a year on Ferrari maintenance

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Leave it noony, Insurance is dead money in way of a running cost. When you go to buy a ferrari you are told that routine services cost between 1-2k per year, they do not tell you that routine services are few and far between, and your more likely to spend between 5-10k per year trying to keep your car for actually suffering an expensive failure!

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I'd love a 360 too (or any Ferrari), but the fact that they're like crystal glasses and and best china plates without the reliability very quickly become inhibiting when driving hard. From what I've heard they're rather fragile, need frequent expensive maintanance that cost £££. I once figured out how much it was to run a 355, and it came out something like 10~15k per yr if nothing major going wrong. The 993 however, I can drive it everyday to the last breath of it's life, track and road, sunshine and snow, not a complaint from it, and I still have enough £ to feed wife and kids. I think I'll leave the Ferrari till I have enough £ so I don't have to ask "how much!" You just can't run a Ferrari unless spending £££ dosen't hurt you.

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Don't want a Ferrari. Don't want to go out with Jordan either. But love looking!!!!

Do want a 997 but would find it hard to find the money now. However, its great looking at the menu and one day I will go out to lunch!

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Mick I don't know if you are talking about just maintenance or Insurance it included but it is nowhere near that bad. I have been on ferrarichat for a year now mainly researching 355s. My main ferrari friend with a 355 spider has had nothing go wrong but a coolant hose coming loose, and it has started first time everytime for 3 years. My other friend with an F512M has had a particular bad year this year....which cost him £2k. And that is a 12 cyl.

The worst that could happen(if you haven't bought a melon) is that you would need major service and cambelts, clutch, brake pads and tyres at the same time. This would still be less than £3k. Poon spent £4k in one service for his 993, it doesn't look so bad to me?

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Noony I think Nick leason has supplied your ferrari costing figures! :p

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