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997 Warranty Update


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7 Aug 2006

Just picked up the car from Eindhoven.

They have changed the entire clutch including release bearing and all hydraulic components- cylinders etc.

Test drive has revealed that the bump is still there (although reduced) and there is a vibration through the clutch pedal (noticed by the engineer and not me).

They are in discussion with Porsche Holland and i will be returning the car when directed.

Get this............ so far all free of charge! Even the clutch friction plates!!!

Very pleased so far - albeit the car is still not right.


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Good news so far - hope it all gets sorted in the end.

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good news well done Porsche

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Got a call from Porsche Eindhoven today. The are in conference with Porsche Holland as to what could be wrong with the car and for further permission to investigate as they did not supply the car :?
. They will be calling for the car in a couple of weeks but have said it is ok to continue driving it :)
. The next question was did i buy the car new and how long had this problem existed, oddish questions considering the car is still under the original warranty?

Anyway they are mentioning driveshaft and gearbox now, thank god i won't have to put my hand in my pocket for a gearbox...........

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