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997 vs 996 4S dilemma

Luke R

9 Jun 2003
does anyone know the rough waiting list for the 997? i know it comes out in spring but need to know how long the wait is after that.

we are thinking of switching from our december delivery 4S to the 997 list. we guess we will go to the back of the queue so need to know the wait. if its not too long we will switch but if it is then we will stay. stick or twist?

also just looked out of the window and a 996 TT was sitting on my neighbours drive. looks even more extreme when not on the road for some reason. beautiful. :lol:

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Second best NA 996(after GT3 :wink: ) or boggo 997? No decision to be made really, plus the C4S is beautiful. I guess you'd have to wait at least a year to get your hands on a 997.

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thats what i thought. i dont think i could wait that long and nor could my dad probably.

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997 is a way off yet luke, got one of the first myself but will still get a new 4s in march and use it till the 997 arrives hopefully october next year.

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so im guessing we will be looking at a late 2005 to early 2006 delivery then. shame but a 4S is hardly a booby prize!!

sarbs, do you know how you're gonna spec J-Lo part 2? will it be similar to part 1 or something totally different? thanx for the info as well.

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J-lo2 will be identical except for no cd changer, If it aint broke (unlike jlos front bumper and bonnet) dont fix it!

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we spoke to our local OPC, Lindbrook, and they said that there was not a separate list for the 997 to the 996. apparantly a swap to the 997 list would mean going to the front end-ish of the queue. i think thats right anyway. however we are with east london OPC, they may spout some other cr*p.

dunno if i can wait till the end of next year tho.

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