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997 short shift kit - should I or shouldn't I?


New member
4 Nov 2013
When I bought my Boxster I was coming out of a supercharged MX5 (official Mazdaspeed B spec roadster MS13, but with large crank pulley, inter cooler, dual throttles, timing controller etc) which made about 200 HP but still weighed around 1000kg.

The Boxster seemed (was) much more grown up and comfortable, but the one thing I really didn't like was the gear change, very long and sloppy compared to the 5 (the supercharged car was the last of ten 5s I had over 12 years). My solution was to buy the 997 SSK (997.424.983.00) but as the Boxster was totally unmodified I kept delaying fitting it and in the end the SSK still remains in its original box, new and unused.

Now I am not sure what to do. Should I fit it to my new (to me) 997 C4S, which has a much nicer gear change than the 986, or should I sell the SSK on? There is a forum member on here who is looking for one.

I guess my questions are:

What is the SSK like compared to the standard C4S shifter?

Does the SSK help with precision of gear changes?

Is selecting first in cold weather stiff? Design 911, has a note warning about this.

The C4S is as it left the factory and I must say I am delighted with it, so I also have a doubt about making any changes to the original spec.

You could always fit it and see what you think, if you don't like it remove and sell on, I don't think it would hurt the value much. :thumb:
What he said ^^^^ I have the SSK option on mine and I like it but I think it is a bit notchy. Other than that shitfs are short.

~ Maxie :thumb:
I had it on my previous car (C2S) and liked it a lot. At times I couldn't get it into 1st, but that was when the car was very cold. I remember having to pull away in 2nd a couple of times, but if I had the choice again i'd still go for it.
Ducky said:
You could always fit it and see what you think, if you don't like it remove and sell on, I don't think it would hurt the value much. :thumb:

+ 1

I like to keep cars original too, however, if you have the part already you can fit it and easily reverse it if you dislike it. This owner swears by the SSK, but the 997 standard gearbox is still fantastic.


"The car is low mileage but just had the major 30K service, it's basalt black (pain to keep clean but worth it for resale), has Sports Chrono Plus, sports exhaust and manual gearbox with short shift kit. The kit was a circa £100 option at the time but rarely specced, no idea why as it transforms the way the manual gearbox performs."

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