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997 problems or is it just me?

Martin Hurst

New member
28 Oct 2003
I took delivery of a gleaming midnight blue 997 "S" on 22 December last year - to all intents and purposes I am delighted with the car but there a couple of things that are niggling me and, as its my first Porsche, I don't know whether its just me or whether there is anything wrong with the car. So far I covered just 2,000 km so the car is hardly run in.

First off I had a problem on the day I collected the car as after about 25km of tooling around I suddenly lost reverse gear. Luckily all forward gears were still present and correct and the garage fixed the problem after about 45 minutes (although I was a little miffed to have a problem with a brand new car). However, I still think that selecting second gear is very stiff, even when warm it never slides in particularly easily. Is this normal? It could be that it will loosen up once its fully run in.

Secondly, there is a definite flat sport in the acceleration. Between 3,000 and 4,500 rpm when under gradual acceleration there is a marked hesitation - almost like the car is 'missing', . The "problem" isn't there under hard acceleration. I am also not sure but occasionally the car seems to be running on five cylinders for example when sitting at the lights - but I can't be sure on this one.

Finally, it often smells very hot when getting out, almost like there is something oily burning. There is no overheating. In addition, I have taken the car on two relatively high speed trips on the autobahn (speeds up to 220 kmh - winter tyres!) and there doesn't seem to be any worsening.

As I say I am new to the brand so can't be sure that there are problems or whether "they all do that guv".

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Nice to hear first impressions on the new one..Sadly with issues....

Take the car back to where u bought it from and demo the issue with 2nd gear.. Get it sorted/logged with the garage. If u have any issues going forward u have pointed it out and have some come back on it.

Flat spot should not be that evident I would have thought. Again, demo the issues to the garage or try another 997's they have at the garage 2 see if the same.

On tick over my car vibrates. At 500 rpm the engine, on tick over, the engine is hardly turning over. It is a bit lumpy, but normal. Most cars idle at 800-1,000k rpm, it is odd to start with but you will get used to it. After a while it is kind of soothing, sad I know. Welcome to a flat 6 ! Call it a massage feature....

They do smell hot. I noticed that when I got my 996. Almost smells like its burning. Again, point it out when u go back to the garage, to be safe.. New cars do smell a bit I have found.

Apart from all this, what is it like ? ;-)

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Thanks for your note I feel a little comforted!

Whats it like....well.....I really like it in so many ways. I'm probably not your 'typical' Porsche buyer if such a thing exists as (and sorry if this is a a little bit of stereotyping) I'm neither rich nor am I a lifelong Porsche fan who dreamed from an early age of owning one. My previous cars have been a BMW 328 coupe and an Audi RS4 (in that order) and therefore my frame of reference might not be the same as everyone else's.

The S is quick no doubt although in relative terms I would say not massively quicker than my RS4 BUT the power is much more accessible across a broader rev range (excellent pick up from about 1,500 rpm), also the throttle response is fantastic - when you're coming from a turbo driven car (read lag) to experience a high powered normally aspirated car is fantastic.

So not materially quicker, but the driving experience is fabulous, the steering is very pointy and there seems to be tons of grip from the rear end - even with the 18" winter wheels and tyres on - can't wait to get the 19"ers on! I read a lot about the front end being light and bobbing on earlier models but to be honest its not something that I think is really evident. On fast Autobahns it feels really planted although more liable to cross-winds than my Audi was.

From the point of view of tactility, the 997 is one of those cars that makes you feels good, the interior is really quite good and the quality feels up to the best standards (I personally like the buttons), I'm finding I don't like having the radio on so I can listen to the sounds. The car looks fantastic - it is subtely different from the 996 and much more muscular at the rear.

All that plus better fuel economy than my Audi (AND a petrol guage that works) makes it the best car I've owned.

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Hi Martin

I am a Porsche fan of old and been told everytime I bought a new one NEVER to go over 5000 rev's until doing at least 3000 KM and try to keep the speed lower than 150KM/H until 3000 rev's at which point an oil filter and old change are thoroughly recommended. I have always followed this advice and can say, my cars are always perfect, NEVER a problem! Even after 76,000 KM on the last one not a SINGLE problem mechanically. I seem to usually get better fuel efficiency than most of my friends as well! I think it definitely has something to do with running the car in nice and gently. My current 2003 C2 is like new and on freeway driving it can give an easy 600Km on a fuel tank!!!! Also, after 10,000 Km I always find Porsches open up that much more. The engine sound changes, the gear change gets even smoother and the car seems to get faster!

TLC - I thoroughly recommend it - at least for the first 3000 KM!

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Martin sounds like you've been a little unfortunate with your car, but just keep taking it back to iron out the creases. As regard to the hot car issues, its just the norm, after driving my old 4s hard I used to leave it outside to cool as I was scared to park it on the carpet in my garages in case of fire!

I completely agree with you about the radio, I never used the radio in the 4s the sound of the sports exhaust beats anything else! Cant wait to hear the sound of the 997 with a sports exhaust as the standard sound is still pretty good!

I was told that you didnt need to run in either my 996 4s or my old 997 2s as the engine gets a proper hammering on a dyno before going into the car, so with my last 2 I hammered them from day one, not much of an issue for me as the cars were not gonna be kept longer than a year, but as Servo has said his car has benefited from a gentle run in I shall give it a try with my next 997 which I intend to keep.

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Hi Martin,

I just received my car last week. Even after a short trip the car does smell of burning and feels very hot. This is normal and I had the same experience with the 996. I have only 200 miles on the clock and they have been a very hard 200 miles. I will check out the flat spot to see if I can find the same problem.

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Had a 997 for the weekend . nice nice car

But It leek oil over the drive yes that REAR MAIN OIL SEAL..... :evil:

have a look to see if its leaking oil

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