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997 post code sat nav upgrade.


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30 Dec 2011
Hi anyone know if I can upgrade my sat nav to post code listings, how much ?and any alternatives to OPC to minimise cost, not an issue with waranty. Cheers Jon, my C2S is 2004 what model nav is it ?
Partial yes
I just bought an approved used 997 C2S from OPC West Sussex. I got them to put in the latest sat nav software release (Sept 2012 I think). However, it is still only allows half of the postcode plus the 5th number; I think I read this has something to do with the way Europe manages their postcodes. I had understood that the 991 sat nav allows full entry; I am sure others more expert than I will confirm/correct.

Still a great car. Good fun in the current sun. :thumbs:
^^^post is correct, you won't get full postcode entry on the 997, even with the latest entry.
How much would this modification cost from an OPC, as an after-market upgrade?
The upgraded maps and I believe some firmware updates from OPC is circa £500

You can get "backup" updated maps discs on-line for about £35

Thanks for the reply, so not much difference in price then LOL, cheers Jon.
Jon, I'm not sure if you are aware but the (5 digit) postcode is entered in the "Town" entry - there isn't a specific postcode entry
Do the backup disks offer postcode entry? I thought the disks were purely maps?
I'm guessing the postcode function is already there, although I never tried it on my original 2005 dvd. I now have a 2010 "backup"
all, this is something of interest to me also- i have a 2005 c2s with nav and the original 2005 disc- are the aforementioend backup copies ok to use or have people suffered problems with them? ive also read issues relating to the bose amp when updating? Last thing i want is to end up with a goosed amp/sat nav unit!
I did this with my 2005 C2S (software and nav disc update) about 6 months ago and it worked fine. Don't have Bose though....
So can someone confirm then that on Gen II 997s, even after the latest firmware update, it is still only a 5-digit post-code entry? I was under the impression that PCM 3.0 took the full 7-digits?

~ Maxie
rpm said:
I'm guessing the postcode function is already there, although I never tried it on my original 2005 dvd. I now have a 2010 "backup"

Can anyone advise where these "back-up" discs for purely "back-up" purposes might be acquired from..??

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