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997 PCM

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3 Jan 2021
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has any idea when the new official Porsche PCM update for 997 is likely to be released (similar to the new one which has been released for 996)?
No umbrella. If I understand you correctly you are referring to the large slot in the passenger sill. This is simply another storage space as described in the manual:

Additional storage possibilities
– in the doors,
– in the door sill next to the passenger's seat,
– in the center console,
– behind the rear seat backrests
(only with the convertible top closed on the
Cabriolet, when opening the convertible top
there should not be any objects in the area
behind the rear seats – risk of damage),
– storage tray with coin holder between seats,
– glove compartment with CD and pen holder,
– clothes hook on the roof frame,
– clothes hook and pocket on back of front
backrests (depending on vehicle equipment),
– enlarged storage space by folding the rear
seat backrests forward.
Sorry about that I was responding to another post which has since vanished and my comments are here. No idea what is going on.
There have been strong rumours / suggestions that Porsche are going to release a replacement PCM unit for the 997.1, as they did recently with the double din unit for the 996.

I can't offer any timelines I'm afraid, I don't believe their have been any official statements so far :dont know:
I thought they were confirming it over the summer/ later in the year?

The only thing that is for certain - it is going to be MEGA DOLLARS!

but hey - £2k inst that bad on these cars right??? :sad:
An updated PCM for the 997.1 would be nice but I wonder about its integration into the Bose system and the other PCM settings in there that are to do with the car.

All of that is more complicated than the 996 had and I suspect it's going to feel more like an after market stereo installation than the original PCM.
Waiting for the Porsche replacement PCM with updated features for the 997 as well, can't be that much of a step for them to produce from the 996 version even taking Bose into consideration.
Is there a link to what they are offering for the 996?

I email Porsche Leeds to enquire as it is an option on Porsches website...


After two weeks and no reply I copied the email to Porsche UK, I got a phone call from Porsche Leeds asking me when I wanted to book my car in for a service. Explained what I was looking for and the service guy said " that's dealt with by our parts dept I'll get them to call you" Two weeks on still waiting....
I'll certainly be doing this mod when it comes. After going to great lengths to upgrade to the 997.2 PCM as well!

But having Apple Carplay in my 997 would be great, as I have it in my other cars now.
Thanks Tony - looks great. It would be a nice upgrade but at what price? I have just fitted the LApower/Mr12volt BT unit and it works really well including handsfree - for just £125. But it would be nice to have the option. I saw it on a 993 and it was a nice integration with those modern standard features.

To put this into perspective, I went to a local Indy to ask a question about the problem I was having with the tabs on my PCM 2.1. The guy looked at me quizzically and asked why I was doing it. I said the radio wasn't up to much and I wanted the BT connection.

He shook his head and said turn off the radio, switch to Sports mode and just listen to that beautiful noise coming out the back. Great words of wisdom!
That's fine on a Sunday morning blast but when you're travelling on a 2,000 mile road trip it can be tiring.

Plus I use the maps all the time, (TomTom app) so I'd love to have this on my main screen.

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