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997 or Lotus Evora... Your thoughts!


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16 Mar 2008
Hi Guys,

Been 3 years since my 964 C4...

Since then I've had a Nissan 350Z, an Alfa GTV and now an Abarth 500 (+ I've bought a 4 bed house and had two babies!!)

It's finally time to buy a serious car again

I've got upto £35k and need a car that can do the daily commute, pick up from nursery and do the occasional track day (2-3 a year). I don't want to spend £2k a year on running costs like the 964 used to cost me

I have been looking forward to a 997 for 3 years but then I drove an Evora, it was just sensational. Really good looking in real life and the ride is like nothing else, just stunning. You can buy practically new cars for half price still under manufacturers warranty!

Anyone here considered or thought about going British?

BK :thumb:

P.S If anyone's looking for a immaculate Abarth 500, low miles for £9k as an addition to their fleet please PM me, I've got a perfect high spec one for sale.
Always Porsche. (but I wear German glasses :D )
I am new to Porsche ownership, C2S gen2, and seriously considered the Evora before I took the plunge.

You would need to be looking at an MY12 which addressed all the quality issues with earlier models and I dont think you would get one for £35K

Really great drivers car but I personally would not recommend as a daily driver and not picking up precious cargo from a nursery. :)

997 is far superior car, I am loving mine
BK911 said:
Anyone here considered or thought about going British? .

I've only recently gone German!

I had 14 years of Esprits and Elise's. Been to the factory many times and driven most modelsn including the crazy supercharged Evora. I'll be 100% honest in that while the Evora is an excellent drive, the sport button (on a manual) is AMAZING, but it did nothing for me 'lotuswise', it was refined, quiet, comfy and full of electrics and gadgetry.

All of course needed for the market it was aimed at, the Esprit had been out of production since 2004 and even then it did not have half the toys you would find in, say, a 2004 Porsche. I got in the first Evora I drove, put it in reverse 'beep', screen pops up and there is an image of the road behind, it could not have been less Lotus for me. In fact it almost represents the opposite of everything Colin Chapman was about, had they not been selling the 2eleven at the same time, I'd have thought it was the end of Lotusness in Lotus cars.

When new, it's £64,000 looked insanity alongside the £35,000 Exige cup.

I'd go for the Porsche, it's a product of natural evolution, it's lineage can be traced clearly back for decades.
Thanks guys, either car will be incredible..
One thing I have begun to appreciate since ownership, is how relevant the statement is that a 911 is an 'everyday sports car' ...... On that basis - 997!
My biggest problem with the Evora (apart from the awkward exterior styling) is that the indicator stalks do not appear to be in the same postcode as the steering wheel. That really bugged me.

Fantastic ride quality though. Miles better than even the 997.2 in every aspect.
If the Evora is to be a "weekend only" car and you are not fanatical about the detailed engineering of the vehicle, then maybe "yes". :?: But otherwise, the 997 remains a tried and throroughly tested product which will do exactly as it 'says on the side of the tin'. :worship: From my past experience of Hethel products, this probably won't be the case with the Evora as a daily drive.

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