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997 GT3 - Phantom oil 'leak' / 'mist' / 'weep'


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1 Oct 2010
I noticed some oil gathering at the bottom of the engine, not so much a leak rather a small amount of oil gathering at the bottom of the crank. I noticed this last year but OPC said it's nothing to worry about. I noticed the leak again though when I brought the car to them again to have it serviced a month or so ago, and decided I wanted to have something done about it.

... So the plan was for them to do another inspection and then speak to Porsche about what to do, following my 1500 mile roadtrip to Germany + trackday.

Dropped the car off yesterday at the OPC, and today got a call to say that they is no oil under the engine and that it is "bone dry".

I'm confused... Anybody know what's going on? To me a leak / slight weep would indicate that something is on the way out and needs replacing, but not sure why the oil leak would vanish following 1500+ miles of hard driving :dont know:
Sounds like cars about to imminently explode and you need to sell it quick.

As a result, itll free up some cash for the yellow one thats wrapped in viper green (yeah you know the one) 996 GT3
From what I understand the less you use the car the more prone it is to leaks. Something to do with vacuum seal when running. I've just had my RMS and FMS replaced by Fearnsport due to actual leak, one day it was fine, 7 days later oil drips on engine jack point and crank case join. Then a week later bone dry. Had Matt change anyway as the clutch needed looking at. Apparently the 997 seal is not as good as the 996T or 993 part, I think. It's all documented by the US guys.
I understand that 997 gt3's suffer from leaking rms's due to the crankcase pressure being higher than on 993 &996's which had the same crankcase
Something to do with higher crankcase pressure to reduce emissions
Cheers guys. So what is it that actually needs fixing? Eg should I have the RMS/FMS replaced with the ones used on a 993 / 996T... ?
Roro said:
Cheers guys. So what is it that actually needs fixing?

The short answer is probably nothing I reckon. It is a characteristic, but unless it is actually dropping oil I wouldn't say it needed attention.

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