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997 GT3 - buying advice


New member
3 Feb 2018
Looking seriously at 997 GT3 and trying to get a feel for the market and what is sensible money to be paying.
There doesn't seem to be to be too many cars for sale at the moment and most have sat around at traders for a while.
Having done some reading I think it's more about finding the right car rather than specifying gen 1 or 2.
Would appreciate some guidance from those in the know in terms of what sort of money seems sensible to be paying and if there is any value in the market?!
Thought the Sytner Car looked quite nice and cheapest on market:


Appreciate all guidance - lot of money and don't really know the market at all?! Can't wait though!!

(not fussed on clubsport)
The car you linked is definitely the best priced on the market at the moment & for a good few months (back as far as November when I started watching the market).

Good luck on the hunt :)
I saw this one recently.. looks good and very low owners which seems strange as to where it's turned up...
Always a little wary of something like a GT3 turning up in a none Porsche specialist like Cameron/JZM/RPM/911V/Paragon etc so I'd recommend having it properly inspected especially in terms of panels and any repaired panels etc (always more of a possibility with the GT cars
I would say that £70k is very much entry level pricing. You're right in that some have been listed for a while but I have seen others come on the market and go quite quickly, so that may say something about the lingerers perhaps - without having viewed them I couldn't say for certain. LIA45 has been listed on AT for over two years now!?!

Value-wise, I guess it depends what you want from it. If you just want to scratch the itch and are looking at entry level pricing, then when the time comes to move it on you'll be selling it at an entry level price accordingly and there'll generally always be someone who wants to "join the club" without spending big dough so you should offload it easily (assuming the car's not hanging of course). However if you want to own it and enjoy it for a decent period, buying the cheapest (assuming it will come with a few imperfections) could taint the experience and you may wish you'd spent a little more.

As you've said, there aren't many for sale so you could (Covid and time permitting etc) just go and see (almost) all of them and then you'll have the best frame of reference to choose the best value for your money.

I'd say there's naff all difference in performance between the .1 and .2. A friend of mine had a Gen2 and on spirited drives I was never left wanting in my Gen1. 415bhp vs 435bhp and a bit more torque from the 3.8 wasn't apparent on the road. Looks-wise will obviously be subjective too. Value-wise, the gen2 seems to have dipped while the Gen1 seem to be holding strong (with some talking about future classic status for the Gen1 more than the Gen2 since there were fewer of them).

Regarding the car in the link you've posted, I see you've called it "the Sytner Car" - you've fallen into the Marketeer's trap there! It's actually a Sytner "Select" car which is a bit different.

"Sytner Select" was basically launched as a multi-brand used car channel to compete with the likes of the Car Giant / Car supermarkets etc. The criteria for stock isn't as stringent as for the "main" Sytner Approved cars.

The marketeers saw the opportunity to trade on Sytner's "prestige" name and came up with Sytner Select- making you think their cars have been specially hand picked. The only "Select" part is that they have been selected generally from Sytner's p/x vehicles or auctions and acquired cheaply enough to give them a healthy profit but not good enough to be sold via the main dealer branded dealership as a Sytner Approved Used Car. In fact I see the Porsche in the link you've posted is being sold by BMW Sytner Oldbury (surely it could command a higher price if it were sold from an OPC). I also note that they've listed it as a one owner car but I don't think it is. It's interesting that it has Ceramic Brakes and is a non-CS model, so it's feasible they've been added aftermarket - I'd want to see the original build spec to confirm how it left the factory. The plastic dash is a little low-rent in my opinion (obviously subjective) but when there's not a huge pool to choose from compromises may have to be made on that kind of thing if the rest of the car ticks the boxes. Worth looking closely at the service history and probably getting an independent inspection on any Porsche from Sytner Select if I were you.

Good luck and enjoy the search!
.2 prices are a serious step up on a .1. I can't comment if the extra premium is worth it I've never driven one. Although I do prefer the interior in the .2. Had mine for a year now and absolutely love it. I think I got mine at a snip. 69k with only 22k miles on the clock with Porsche warranty so it's completely standard!!
I have recently been through this and ended up buying a car privately.
Whether you chose a .1 or .2 997 depends really on budget I would think as there is around a £20K difference.

Get out to view a few cars when you can and without even knowing too much about them you can get a sense of how well they have been looked after. Some are track toys and some are garage queens.

I was lucky that mine came up for sale quite locally to me and it was taken to RPM Technik for a comprehensive PPI which came out very clean.

If you aren't fussy on spec and colours there will be a few nice ones out there, if you are looking for something more specific it might take a while !
I sent an enquiry into Sytner about this car but they didn't get back to me, which makes me wonder what sort of service will I get from them? It is high-ish miles for a GT3 hence the price, and there's not a big selection of 997.1 GT3's just now which makes it a fair price, I think. As mentioned before it is an unusual garage for selling and the 1 previous owner needs a check, this can be good and bad depending how the car has been looked after?

Ask for over revs and the number of hours the car has done and you then get an indication if it's a track car. PCCB's need to be checked by OPC, they can be scary expensive if replaced, although SurfaceTransforms are doing cheaper alternatives at £4k/axle! Carbon seats are good, do you think they are original, the indent where the full harness goes looks a bit weird, is that correct? And cruise is good! For originality check the options from the service book.

A few months ago Sytner had a Cobalt Blue CS with PCCB's, I think it was £71k-£75k, can't remember the miles.

Good luck...
squelch said:
LIA45 has been listed on AT for over two years now!?!

Has it really?? What's the story there then? Seems like a decent low use example from the ad.
plynchy said:
squelch said:
LIA45 has been listed on AT for over two years now!?!

Has it really?? What's the story there then? Seems like a decent low use example from the ad.

I wondered if perhaps it's due to its locations.. the plate is an NI one and thought perhaps the car was based in NI and with the various lockdowns maybe travelling to view was an issue.. agree that 'if' it's a straight car it looks very fair given the low mileage...

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