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997 Carrera S, My New Baby...


27 May 2013
Pics attached of the newest addition to my family...

My three spaniels don't seem to understand why they're not allowed anywhere near it, and the missus is struggling with the concept that I'd rather spend time in the garage just staring at it than watching Emmerdale or Eastenders!!!!!

Pics taken after first clean with Zymol CarWash Shampoo and then a first wax, again with Zymol...

Quite pleased with the results...Really pleased with the car!


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  • 911_2_194.jpg
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Superb colour, the best :wink: , assuming it's Seal Grey!
I currently use Duragloss 901 as shampoo of choice, it is first class!.
I used Zymol but always end up reverting to the above!
Welcome by the way :thumb:
Yes, Its Seal Grey...

Now I've waxed her, she's looking a little darker than before...me likey!!!
I'm another fan of the Duragloss range especially their 901 shampoo.

I do use the Zymol range on my 997 as well. You've gone a great job, looks stunning. Did you polish it before applying the wax?
Off subject slightly, how do I post pictures?
I've been on here years and never out one up of my 911. I've just washed and QD'd it too!!
michelin, to upload photos directly from your pc you need to edit them to reduce to file size to approx 200kb or less. If you look at the OPs pics they are 160-170kb in size. Most digital photos these days are 2Mb plus in size so you basically need to resize to get them small enough to post.

If you do not have any photo editing software on your pc you can use Paint which has a resize function.

Another alternative is to add a link to a photo hosting site like Photobucket if you store your photos that way.

Hmmmm I use my iPhone mainly to post on here so what's the best way?
Do I need to open a photobucket account?
Haven't got a clue how to start lol
I know with an Ipad you have the option to resize a photo attached to an email before you send it - not sure if Iphone is the same. There is no option to edit photos to reduce file size on the Ipad

It may, therefore be possible to email yourself a smaller version of a photo and attach this to your post.

Someone with more experience of Iphones/Ipads may know of a more sensible solution.

With the photo hosting sites you simply set up an account and upload your photos.

nhenson - apologies for hijacking your post - nice motor btw

Welcome, and good looking car. It looks very much like my first Porsche.
Same wheels, same colour, it was an '05 plate.
Referring to the pic sizes, I emailed myself from my iPhone, then uploaded with the smaller files!

Referring to my car, many thanks for the positive comments, I've realised a childhood dream owning a 911, always loved them but particularly when the 997 shape came out (owned a 968 Sport then) I knew I had to have one! It's took a while but worth the wait! I know alteady that I will only ever change this car for another 911! Nothing else comes close!!!
Here's mine....
Both look lovely!

What do you use on the. Tyres - Autoglym Tyre Dressing?

Need to get me some Zymol wax.
Cheers Boys :thumb:
Believe me I have tried all sorts of tyre dressings and the one I go back to as an excellent all rounder is Highstyle by Autosmart.

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