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997 Cab. How do I remove and replace this part?


19 Feb 2018
This part (the black plastic bit) has broken on my 2010 997.2 C2S Cab. Part no. 996561062.
I don't have the replacement part yet to examine and the broken bit seems solidly attached. It's not easy to access, but it does look like there is a plastic lever or tab system and I just need to know the technique or process to remove it without resorting to hammer and screwdriver!
Any help appreciated.


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I don't have a cab but looking at the picture I would say the two mushroom shaped posts have "teeth" clipped onto the shaft piece. I would suggest heating up the part carefully using hot air gun or hair dryer and using a plastic trim tool levering under it to force the teeth out and over the cap. It does appear as if it is designed to be one fit only and not designed to be removed and replaced. If you did put it back I can almost guarantee it will rattle :D
Im probably not the best person to reply as i always seem to break these on removal .. instructions are below ..

When fitting the new one it MUST lock up all the way .


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Ah okay. It's just that the workshop notes appeared to be tailored to LHD cars.
This is an American document but for almost everything it will be the same .. some items will be on the left of the car other than the right but the instructions are good enough .

There never was a UK version like this and even today a lot of instructions guys like me see are for a LHD car .

USA insisted on a PDF version for the 997 .. in the UK it was on a tester or online via Porsche , hence there is nothing other than this available .

Fom 991 onwards .. there is nothing .. it's all online via Porsche .
Small update in case anyone else needs to replace these; it is a simple 30 second job, but probably took me over an hour to figure it out! Which way you push, or pull the tabs is important to work out. It's fairly simple!
Anyway, got the part replaced and the other side promptly broke in the identical way. My advice, buy and replace both at same time!

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