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997 c2s 2005 no alarm sound(beep) when arming the alarm


New member
19 Sep 2013
ok guys, went to Porsche today for a annual check and yes the list went on but not too bad total recommendation cost was 2600GBP shocks in front need to be done, and tandem brake pump corroded etc.. and o/s condenser leaking... fortunatelu ordered some mesh grilles from znsports to stop further condenser damage
one issue also on the list was that when arming the car alarm it should give a beep to notify you that the car is armed, Porsche told me it could be a coding issue or the alarm pack need replacing?

has anyone come across this issue?

Mine just flashes the lights when it arms/disarms, no beeps (I like it silent). No problems with the alarm picked up when it had a Porsche inspection.
The alarm only single beeps if there is an arming defect (ie trigger is already open, such as cubby or door ajar).

Alternatively, a double beep on arming means there is a fault with the alarm unit itself and it should be remedied by the OPC.

Basically, silent is good.
thanks guys.. i myself prefer silent, was not aware it beeps when armed only had the car a week so still finding my feet.
Not sure if you missed a negative in your post, but it should NOT beep when in normal use.
Just to further confuse (and I'm just guessing what the OPC tech meant), but perhaps the Health Check (almost certainly using PIWIS interrogation of the DME/ECU) found an error code for the failure notification system.

ie it's not that car beeps or should beep (if it's OK it won't beep and therefore it shouldn't beep in normal use), but that the electronics check found an indication that the system can't or won't beep on system failure.

Or was it you suggesting the locking beep was broken (which it isn't as it doesn't!) and this was the technicians "stock reply" for something he didn't understand (because it is a false premise)?

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