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997 987 Cup holder parts - 3D solution

That's so cool! My 3D printer has arrived today so let the crazy parts commence!

I'm thinking a new housing for the Sports Chrono with a cowl so it doesn't reflect on the windscreen at night could be a first "proper" project
Good to hear it fits and my printer isnt only useful for printing more stuff for the printer 😆

Might be a good idea to curate a list of 3d print-able parts somewhere.
Good shout, there's a few parts knocking around on Thingiverse, so could be good to get an inventory of items.
Update: I cross-posted this request on the 997 forum since the cupholders are the same, and someone there very kindly printed me out a number of gears using a 3D printer and a design found online. I fitted one of these today and it works fine, so problem solved.

There is also talk of setting up a library of printable parts and the associated design files so that everyone can have access to these pretty much as required.
i'll merge the threads
Love this! Great work jeffersWales!
I've added a thread here so anything else anyone finds which is useful to print, please add to the thread:

I've personally so far printed a small boat (boaty benchmark), an "airless" ping pong ball and a small Pikachu... Completely useless, but incredibly awesome! No brushing up on my CAD skills, which are very very out of date.
Is anyone able to 3D print a Retainer Pin for me? The design is on that link, it’s a tiny part but mine snapped.
Hi @Paul_S

I'll be able to, away for a few days but will take a look next week if that's OK?
Hi @Paul_S - I'm back from the 'ring, so can print away.

It's this part right?


Send me a message with how many you need and where you'd want them posted to :)

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