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997.2 "requesting" an oil change?


19 Feb 2018
A service timer appeared on my 2010 997.2 S Cab. OPC says its the car requesting an interim oil change. The car has only done 1,500 miles since minor service with oil change last summer. OPC says the car has various sensors and can request an oil change if something not right. They said lack of miles might be the cause?

Does this sound right?

Its not done this before, albeit pre Covid it got driven more.

They want £380 to change the oil and filter.
I didn't believe the Gen 2 has intelligent servicing, that came with the 991. It should be time/mileage based.

It could be as simple as the previous service was reset incorrectly? You should have also got a countdown come on the dash saying service due in X days as well.

I could be wrong, but from my experience of Gen 2 cars this was the case.

Doesn't help you much, but check the book and see the mileage/date of the last one and see if it's 20,000 miles from the previous service or exactly 1 year?

If it does need it, get it done at an Indy, much cheaper and oil is oil (So long as it's the correct one).
PorscheChris said:
oil is oil (So long as it's the correct one).

Whilst your statement that "oil is oil" is correct I assume you're referring to the quality of oil all being equal?

...which is categorically not the case :hand: :roll:
Never heard of a 997.2 doing it and haven't seen it myself.

When was the service before the one last Summer?
By any chance was it approximately 8,500 miles between the last two services?

If so, it's possible they forgot to reset the service interval period (which is 10K miles for 997.2 Carreras in the US market).

I'm not aware of this model having a degradation sensor so it's not that ..

We are in the A market and as such there is no oil service at 1 year or 10K miles but wjk_glynn is pretty much there i feel ..

There are A,B and C markets ..

It's either a coding issue .. i would start with the instrument cluster or the service was set correctly last time .

Flat batterys can mess with coding at times so that's a possible reason .

IMHO it doesn't need an oil change but it does need checking to make sure its not coded to a different country .

There is an option to reset just the oil message on a Piwis as the piwis covers all markets .

Just my 2 pennys anyways .
Thanks for replies. OPC insists the car can do this and it's probably water in oil due to lack of use. But car is kept in stable, dry, 10oC garage and hasn't needed this in prior two years after prolonged winter storage. Although car only covered 1,500 miles since last service, it never does any short runs. Car has FPSH, last major in 2018, minor in July 2020. It is a count down timer that I'm getting saying how many days left to service. I'm suspicious that it looks like exactly 1yr since last oil change. OPC says it is not a service light and they won't cancel it without an oil change. I do disconnect the battery over winter, but that has never caused any issue before.
Do I ignore or get an Indy to change the oil and filter.
Can I do it myself? I'm capable of changing the oil in a 'normal" car.
The downside of working on every model of porsche is i cant always remember the exact details of each one .. i normally have the car in front of me .

I will say im pretty damn sure there is no oil degradation sensor on these so for me i would simply say to the OPC .. please show me on the parts catalogue the degradation sensor please ... the one in the sump is the oil level sensor .

I have to admit .. i just googled it .. and i can't find one .

Changing the oil / filter yourself is pretty simple but it will need at least a 30 min drain time .. you would then add 7 ltrs .. run upto temp and top up as required .

A 10 min drain and about 6 liters will come out .. an overnight drain and upto 9 ltrs will come out ... you will still need to reset the oil service light though .

1 yr would lead towards a possible coding issue .. it thinks its not an A market car and so will flag an oil change as being needed .

OPC and you are talking to a service advisor .. these days they are not ex mechanics .. as such they might not be correct ,, different models have different systems .. i'm afraid your car to them is old.

I would suggest get an Indy to have a look and see what they think .

I could be totally wrong ..im not perfect but my feelings are above .
Thanks deMort. I'll ask a local Indy and then decide whether to have them change the oil for do it myself, if needed.
Can I reset the service indicator myself or do I need a machine?
Did it request that it is Mobil 1? :)

Joking aside, changing the oil on a 997.2 is the easiest change I ever done on any car. No jacking up (if you have a shallow oil pan). easy access to the oil filter etc. Just be really careful to get the right filter as it can be confusing and make sure you don't overfill.

Wouldn't it be great if some company offered a retrofit dipstick? I really don't like electronic segments!

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