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997.2 fuel pump failure (within 500m of replacement)


New member
29 Dec 2022
Hi all,
Back in October I had the high pressure fuel pump fail on my 997.2 C2’s. Cue a 2 month wait for the pump to arrive at my local specialist before fitment in December. I’ve not driven the car much since then, until this weekend…

I spent the weekend driving around north wales with friends, or at least until about 2:30pm yesterday when the car suddenly didn’t want to rev past 4k and then told me to stop (as I was stopping). Codes checked and they relate to the HPFP. While enjoying the 6 hour wait for recovery (compete with the visit from a repair van first who said he knew he couldn’t fix it before he got out of the van!), I emailed the specialist to ask for their help fixing the car again. Ahead of that, in my impatience I wonder if anyone has any experience of this sort of thing?

I am sure it’s a part issue not an installed issue, and believe it’s a genuine Porsche part so should be under warranty. I think my question is really what have others experienced here in terms of goodwill from a garage who’ve fitted a part that failed so swiftly (under 5 months and 500 miles). I am hoping that they’ll fit a replacement free of charge and seek a refund from Porsche GB. Is that overly optimistic?
sorry to hear about this, parts can fail, just one of those things but they should come with a 12 month warranty
I had the same on mine, but it lasted a bit longer than yours. Fortunately it was replaced by an OPC so they took the full cost of replacement (as they should do in my opinion). Normal OPC warranty on repairs is 2 years, so mine covered under that.

Porsche will honour the part replacement, but I doubt they'd contribute to the labour for an Indy to replace it.

One thing to note is that it is quite easy to install the pump with the drive spline turned 180 degrees from where it should be seated, and that will cause an early failure.

I do wonder in your case if its worth sending it to an OPC and getting them to replace it, and if they discover its been done incorrectly, you might get your indy to pay the labour?
Thank you all for your replies.

The car was eventually delivered to my local specialist (Northway) this afternoon who turned the car around in record time to allow me to do a CAT driver training day tomorrow. Amazing service which I’ll write about in the review section, but I liked them before, and now they have a customer for life!

Apparently my pump was the third pump to fail of the same batch of high pressure pumps that Northway have installed over the last 6 months or so, and it appears that the part has now be superseded by a new part number, so perhaps something awry with Porsche quality control?

Anyway, all sorted and hopefully the end of fuel pump dramas!
Good to hear the fix at least was ok.
Ray & team are really good.
If they supply & fit new parts, they will have a 12 month warranty min. Should cover part and labour.

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