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997.2 Convertible Roof Issue


19 Sep 2010

I currently have issues with wear lines on my convertible roof. On both sides, the roof has also began to fray along these lines...hard to describe but the fabric is rubbing/wearing in set points on both sides. The OPC says this is 'normal' and just 'wear and tear.'

Anybody else had an issue as I definitely do not think wear and tear on a garaged 15k mileage car is an acceptable excuse?

Any pictures? Everytime the roof goes up and down the material creases, with the material rubbing against itself. The wear will also be dependant on how clean the roof is when folded, presence of dirt, sand, grit will increase wear.
Need to see some pictures. I'd expect an element of wear on a convertible roof, but depends on the age of the vehicle. A good clean with protection such as Renovo may improve the look.
Renovo is a super product. In between using this try 303 Aerospace; A class product. :thumb:
I was always told you must only lower a soft top roof when its completely dry, because being folded up & compressed while wet was bad for the fabric and increased wear. But others think that's being unnecessarily fussy. Anyone know for sure?
Don't put away wet or it will crease and wear.

Additionally, if stored for extended period damp (ie to put hardtop on), mildew and other fungi will eat the fabric, resulting in both discoloration and fatigue/breakdown of the fabric.
I have a similar issue with my roof and its very frustrating as the roof a
Ready looks old and tired and the car has ony done 16000 miles.

I have had a lot of other fabric top cars and never seen such an issue?

Wish I could have it replaced?
I'm afraid the OPC is right
you do get wear lines 3/4 of the way back on the roof
even at 10,000 miles

new hood is about £1600 and will be the same in a couple of years

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