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997.1 Turbo Width vs C4S


6 Aug 2020
I recently found out that the turbo is 50mm wider than the C4S.
How noticeable is that? Does anybody have any comparisons?

I recently saw a Turbo next to a C2 and I could massively tell the difference in width. The turbo looked way more aggressive however on paper, they're barely any wider.

This is why I'm wondering if you can see a big difference between the C4S and Turbo.

I got my information from google which seems to think the C2S is the same width and the C4S.

No difference in width between 997 turbo and 997 C4S
IMI A said:
No difference in width between 997 turbo and 997 C4S

Settled, thank you
The C4 and C4S are the same width as the Turbo at 1852mm.

The C2 and C2S are both narrow bodied at 1808mm which is quite noticeable.

NB: From the rear the C4 and C4S can actually look wider than the turbo as the eye is drawn to the fixed spoiler on the turbo rather than the haunches of the car.
The rear track - as measured by the distance from the bpttom edge of one rear tyre to the other - is just over 190cm on my 7.2 C4S, presumably because I have a bit of negative camber. I discovered this when I rented a car trailer which measured 190cm across - next time I'll look for a flatter bed, so to say. It was a bit of a squeeze!
It's the 991 where the Turbo gets the extra wide body compared to the C4. Then the narrow body died with the 992.

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