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997.1 gt3 ultimate mods list


13 Dec 2018
like many my car is on its last year of extended warranty. from june 2022 its game on for mods.

i know theres loadsa people here that have modded theirs for various reasons so i thought it might be useful to create a 'master list' of sorts to group together the broad categories of mods to make it easier for people in my position looking to throw some wedge at their gt3s from next year

would this be a useful thing to do or is it just me?
I'd be interested to see what people's recommendations are.
My warranty expired a few months back and is now to old. Ive already had fitted an FVD valved side muffler delete. Really pleased with it. Main benefits are a lot less heat soak from the rears, a fair loss of weight (not sure how much but I've still got the old mufflers and they are mega heavy) and it sounds more like a cup car over 4000RPM. I went for the valved option so it's not mega loud and I can still do the odd track day.
Had my car 9 years and the warranty expires in November .
I am definately looking at a new exhast. Any recogmendations ?
...... :?:
brilliant keep it coming
@Cunno You forgot the "cheater tyres" Jon :floor:

Tyres make a massive difference to the performance & feel of the car. When I had a way of being able to change to slicks or wets at trackdays, they were an absolute hoot to drive on.

Even without that option, the difference that track driving on Trofeo R or Cup2 makes over something like PS4S is huge.

So, being able to pick the appropriate tyre for the conditions is a must in my book if you're driving on the road & doing trackdays. I have 5 sets of wheels all shod with different tyres but that may be overkill!
Nice idea for a thread :thumb:

If I was doing it all over again I'd probably do things in this order. But that may change as there's stuff i want to do but haven't got around to doing... (so for instance if/when I do the final drive mod that may appear high or low on the list depending on whether I like it or not). Note my list below assumes the car is a GT3 not a GT3 with the Clubsport pack

1. Full wax oyl / under seal treatment (was never standard at the factory - no point having a car that rots away before your eyes)
2. Weld or pin coolant pipes - doesn't matter which one, just do something
3. LSD Cup plates
4. Set of Cup 2 tyres
5. Move up to 245/30/19 front
6. Add 5mm spacers on front
7. Proper geometry setup from Centre Gravity (my preference, your view may differ)
8. Semi solid engine mounts
9. DSC & accelerometer
10. OZ / lightweight alloy wheels
11. Lightweight flywheel & RS 4.0 clutch to free up the Mezger
12. Recaro bucket seats if tracking (really wouldn't bother otherwise, IMO buckets are a hassle on road driving although you do feel more connected)
13. Cage (if tracking)
14. Harnesses (if tracking)
15. Momo Porsche cup steering wheel
16. Centre muffler bypass pipe or side pipe delete (you will probably then need bolt on silencers if tracking)
17. PCM delete cubby (just listen to the engine instead)
18. Alcantara interior retrim

Jury is out on shorter final drive, but something I'm thinking about and may end up doing. Also I blow hot/cold on Ducktails, sometimes I want one sometimes I don't as I don't want my car to just look like a CSR. Currently I like them again though since I saw the recent Singer DLS video which looks amazing (to my eyes anyway)
Mod it now, sod the warranty rubbish that rarely pays out... :floor:

Good geo, decent tyres, DSC box, X pipe, all you really need right there.

So much of this depends wether you want a track car or road car really.
really good food for thought

if you want a fast road car for odd track day use and have a CS spec already with PCCBs, what of the above would you not recommend?

id love another excuse to see chris f at center geo so thats def on the list. id also like it to sound a bit better and i think the underside protection is a good idea but it adds 15-20kg from what i am told
Add to that list:
Antigravity lithium battery
Ball jointed suspension links/arms
Decals :dont know:
Is the pcm delete easy to revert back to standard on a diy basis?
What about grilles?

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