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997.1 Fairytale - There Once Was An Ugly Duckling


6 Sep 2020
I thought I'd update my buying journey and after the recent 'Should I Buy And Rebuild' thread, give some real life pointers to those debating what to do.

In September last year I bought my first Porsche - 997.1 S - 54 plate - 97,000 miles - Chrono pack - Sports exhaust - Alcantara wheel/interior - Manual. I knew it needed an engine rebuild but the IMS was already recently sorted so the rebuild wasn't going to be as costly as starting from scratch. I took it to a specialist for a pre purchase inspection which wasn't fully accurate as the car was undriveable due to clutch issues.

I paid £13,000 for the car which I knew needed the engine work, clutch sorting, bumper respray, 2 tyres, wheel arch liner and new wipers all round. The car stayed with the specialist and they stripped it down, sent it to Hartech and worked on the other minor issues.
After some delays, I eventually took delivery of the car in December with a bill of £9,400 incl. VAT.

Yes I thought the same. The stripes looked a bit naff but I thought I'd live with them for a month or 2 and decide when it went for front bumper respray.
After collection I wasn't convinced it all felt as it should. I've never driven a Porsche before and not even a manual for many a year so maybe it was just me? After a couple of months of front end nodding and crunchy gear changes I took it into a more local specialist and they immediately noticed the complete lack of rear shocks and also the gear change problem, maybe just linkage. They also spotted quite a lot of extra stuff that really should have been picked up on the PPI. I was rather surprised to get a quote of £4k to put things right! eeeeeek!
I went back to the original garage and to be fair to them, they offered their apologies and said they would sort it at uninflated parts costs only. The garage who picked the original PPI apart had already changed rear shocks, side indicators, sorted handbrake and a couple of other minor bits and bobs which cost £1,100 Inc VAT. Running total now £23,500.
The original garage had the car collected and started work:
Front pads & discs, headlight level arms, 2 tyres, coil pack heat shields, bump stops, renew coolant pipes, brake line, gear linkage, a couple of idler rollers and a few other minor bits and bobs. £800 which I thought very fair of them. They held their hands up that the PPI wasn't sufficient and maybe didn't pick up on a few things as the car wasn't driveable on inspection. Anyways, the car now drives completely differently since getting it back a couple of weeks ago. We're up to £24, 300. Now for some paintwork and get those bloody stripes off!!
Stripes off, respray front bumper, 2 very small wheel arch touch ups, roof rail bubbling resprayed, bumper old number plate holes plastic welded and filled, shorter plinth fitted, rear plinth smoothed and resprayed. Job lot £720. Which gives a grand total spend of £25,000 as near as dammit. It's more than I wanted to spend (started out with £14k for a 996) but I think it's just about worth the money for a Hartech rebuilt engine that should hopefully give me miles of worry free driving.

Hope you agree she looks a lot better since the stripes went bye bye......


In the current market there's no way that you'd be able to buy a car like yours for anything like £25k.

Drive and enjoy :thumbs:
As T8 says. Enjoy it without the worries :thumb:

Out of interest, did it have the full 6 cylinders done?
Pretty car and should now, having had all the weak points addressed be fairly much bombproof. Well done for sticking with it and now enjoy it :thumb:
Looks lovely and clearly now sorted. Enjoy. What are the wheels BTW?
Looks great and a triumph for perseverance. Glad it worked out for you, must surely make driving it even more enjoyable :thumbs:
Removing the stripes a good idea to my eye as well...
Congrats and well done in finding our own path into Porsche ownership.
Sounds quite cheap for a full engine rebuild btw - which garage did the work?
Enjoyed the story, a nice-looking car, hope you can enjoy it from here on out.
Sounds like you have ended up with a very good value car! Wheels look great and that blue is a really nice colour
markh1 said:
Sounds like you have ended up with a very good value car! Wheels look great and that blue is a really nice colour
Thank you :)
There were periods when cost and time seemed to be spiraling out of control and I'm certainly over my original budget but it could easily have been another £2-£3k. It's been worth it in the end and I think £25k is still cheap for the end product :) I'm very happy with it and it's just in time for spring :thumbs:
Looks awesome. So good to get a car you now know, inside and out, for £25k!

Great condition and, like you said, hopefully bombproof with that Hartech work done, so you can enjoy it and the long weekend!!

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