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996tt at Dovehouse


16 Nov 2011
:) Hi everyone, well after much deliberating I shall finally say a farewell to my much loved 996 turbo. It has been the best Porsche & car I have owned. I still not sure if i have made the right decision tbh. Since getting my litre bike earlier this year i tend to get my fun on that. In the turbo I pootle to work & back (8 mile round trip) & the car hardly gets into 4th gear; I don't do track days in the turbo - so i feel the Porsche is a bit defunct. I did consider keeping her as an appreciating asset & I'am sure in years to come I shall regret selling her. The same happened when I sold my 993.

So, I have decided to go for something a little more sedate (BMW 325d Coupe) for the time being. Great choice i thought as winters coming. So the turbo will be at Dovehouse motors from friday 27th December. They really prep their cars very well - so someone will be getting a fantastic & very well cared for car.

I'am sure I will be back again at some point - but don't know what next.
good luck with the BMW :eek:
Can you PM/Email me price/spec/pics please? :thumb:
Are Dove House selling on commission or are they buying it from you? Why did you pick DH? Did they service it for you?
Jcx said:
Are Dove House selling on commission or are they buying it from you? Why did you pick DH? Did they service it for you?

I bought the car from Dovehouse two years ago, they are my local Indy - but also i can totally trust these guys. I would not hesitate to buy my next Porsche from them. They are selling the car on my behalf on a SOR basis & they will take a commission from the sale.
They are my local Indy too and i wholeheartedly agree. :) good luck!!
Also my local indy and, whilst I haven't bought a car for them (yet), their service work and general helpfulness have been absolutely top class.
Another vote for Dove House, I get my 4S serviced/looked after by them. Would 've bought from them but they didn't have what I wanted at the time and someone else did. I'd buy from them next time. Good luck with the sale. It's funny .I went the other way, I rode bikes for years ( since I was 16) and only got into cars in my early 40's,finding I could have a great toy and use it 12 months a year, not just the summer months. Since getting into sports cars, having sold my bikes, I now have 2 bikes again, ooops!!.
:) Thanks folks - I'am sure it will sell. DH reckon usually six weeks to find a buyer. But you guys & girls heard it here first :)
Good luck with the sale, sounds like a cracking car :thumb:

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