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996 Values - YouTube vid

I meant to say thanks for this. Good video and happy viewing.

It makes me happy to see the 996 finally getting the love it truly deserves and the world waking up to what I've felt about them in terms of a drivers car. I've felt for a while that 996 prices would one day lift back in line with other Porsche cars, but as an owner who plans to keep his long term this only really means more cost to me :sad:

Higher Insurance premiums for life and more expensive parts as the cars get older.

I'm also still not quite over the final mental hurdle of 100k miles, after which I will turn the corner of feeling positive adding miles, it becomes a pride to show off how many you've done :) At the moment there's still that slight sting when I do 1000 miles in a week as I did a couple of weeks ago. 2022 probably for me.
It's good to know that values are rising, but as I'm racking up 8k miles a year and doing significant preventative maintenance work on my car, I'm never going to come out net positive.

I think I lot of the recent love for the 996 is from YouTubers running and appreciating the car, so the internet sunk the 996 and now is showing some love. But also I think whereas before people thought it looked dated and ugly, now it's a retro thing with the turn of the millennium and that late nineties look.

I have a 996 because my dad had a 996, and I wonder if I would have bought one if I did not have that prior experience where I knew it was a reliable car. Probably not with all the internet scare stories.

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