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996 Tyres


New member
29 Jun 2013
Hi lads,
I'm just checking what tyres you are finding that offer a less harsh ride for daily driving. Currently running Pirelli P Zeros N4s 225 x 40 x 18 front and 285 x 30 x18 rear. I have dropped pressures a little to mid 30psi, but it still rides harsh.
Also is anyone running 285 x 40 x 18 rears?
Keen to know
I'm running the same tires as you and have had no problem with them other than the wear rate about 5k rears and 10k fronts. My local jct Porsche dealership fits all four for 800 notes all in. Just for one online deal for 725 but think I'll stick with dealer.
All pressures at 30???

Recommended is 36 f 44 r, you are risking buckled/flatspotting rims going too low.

Change for Michelin for better wear and better all round performance and a lot less than £800!
When you say harsh, compared to what? The ride is going to be firm compared to a lot of cars.

If it's harsh compared to what is was like pre Pirelli then you might want to swap back to the tyres you had then.

Also have you had your suspension checked / geo'd as this might also be contributing to ride quality.

Thanks for your replies. I'm running mid 30 (eg 36) - but need increase the rear I guess....

Has anyone run 40 profiles on the rear - does that improve the ride?

NO! It will look like a dragracer on 285 40 18....seriously wrong. That is over an inch more sidewall.

If you want a softer ride get some 17" wheels and run 255/40/17. If you would like to try some then please get in touch.

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