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996 turbo to gtr ????


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4 May 2014
Long story short.

I have owned my 996 turbo for 8 years & travelled 1451 miles in it total for one reason or another.

It is low miles , manual coupe , low owners

I have a r35 gtr itch to scratch probably goes back to my gti-r days in the 90's when my car was my life. I just loved modifying

Should I change or a foolish mistake? ( I have test drive a gtr & it's fast that's about it)

But the itch keeps going .

Ps. I would still keep my 997.2 s
I had one, stage 4.25, so 650hp.

I broke out in a cold sweat everyone I put my foot down - they consume rods. Even standard ones. Gearboxes can break aswell as the front diff thing, fidgety what its called now.

It's not the highest quality car, but it's a good drivers car.

They also eat batteries as the standard one is too small, so you end up with the key of death icon and frustrated attempts of starting it. Pull out the standard tracker for a start.

The intercoolers also split with age.

They rusty badly, check underneath. Even with all the undertrays.

Press R mode though and it changes character completely, proper beast.

I avoided PS4S tyres, they go bouncy at high speed, try it first, can be unnerving. The run flat's tramline a bit, but much more steady as they were designed to run with the harder sidewall. PS4S are also cheaper.

Watch out for cheap droning exhausts. Mine was switchable and was great being able to turn it off!

Did I mention rust?
Go for it. GTR has so much road presence. They don't go down in price either so you can't really go wrong :thumb:
The cars will feel bigger and bulkier than the 911 with a heavier front end.
I would try one first as they will feel quite different to your 996.
Keep your 996 Turbo 👍for the amount of mileage you have covered, why not book yourself a couple of track days in a GTR 🤘
Wow that's some miles covered, I do way more than that on a push bike every year.
Jonathon555 said:
I have owned my 996 turbo for 8 years & travelled 1451 miles in it total for one reason or another.

:eek: I once did that in 3 days in mine.

People have this type of car for different reasons and I can't relate to yours but, as I subscribe to the YOLO philosophy, I'd scratch that itch.

Let us know how it goes. :thumb:
Good point, Ring trip is that distance including the miles once you're there.

Think we did it once with staying only one night on the mainland?! :?:
I'd keep trying new stuff, there is a lot of lovely machinery out there, and life is to short. :thumb:
It is frighteningly quick but it does not float my boat. I enjoyed a blast in it in the past but ended up buying a 997 Turbo

Too big and do not like the shape unlike the lovely curves you see in a 911. :grin:
...remember spending time in one when they first came...so bloody fast! I recall thinking I'd end up in a hedge or clink!!
You must also remember OP, you are on a Porsche forum, so guess what responses you are likely to get :wink:
1485 miles in 8 years?

The 996 Turbo plainly gives you little inclination to drive it at all so I'd be inclined to try something else!

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