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996 Turbo Right radiator bottom hose - refurb or replace?


New member
12 May 2021
996 Turbo bottom radiator hose has the very slightest of dribbles when the engine's hot - I nede to add minimal coolant every 3-6 months. I took a look and it looks fine. It has one metal end and the other end has a clamp around it. I suspect the metal end just needs a clean up and possibly a quick re-crimp at my local hydraulic hose shop.

Is it advisable to refurb these like this, or better just to pay the say £80 for a new hose?

Any advice on how not to lose too much coolant, and refilling the system without airlocks?

Thanks in advance.
Given the possible consequences of what would happen if the hose were to fail I'd err on the side of caution and replace it asap. Also, if one is showing such signs it's likely that others will soon so it might be the time to do a more comprehensive job.

Not only will it be peace of mind for you any savvy subsequent buyer would be looking for it to have been done or chip you down pricewise.
I had just this fault with my 996 4S. The connector breaks down and clamping it will not help; replacement is the only solution. Even if you did manage to improve it, by the time you've stripped it all down you might as well just replace it.

It didn't look too bad a job to DIY, but I ended up getting my indy to do it as I was a bit worried about coolant airlocks etc. Didn't cost too much if I recall. I got both sides done as the other side wasnt leaking yet but looked a bit crusty.

Thanks guys for your help. I read somewhere that the hoses are fundamentally fine - but the rubber shrinks a tiny bit over the years, and consequently the crimp isn't quite tight any more. People have had them re-crimped at their local hydraulic shop and gone on to enjoy the car for a good long while with no problems.

Nevertheless, I think I'll take your advice and just replace with new. It's not a big job but I don't want to be messing around taking it apart again.
The end of the rubber pipe on the C4S/Turbo has a aluminium sleeve. This slots into the plastic radiator but is held in place with a steel spring clip. The steel causes the aluminium to exfoliate and corrode and you get a leak.

As said above - get a new hose. Also buy an new clip - it doesn't come with the hose!


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Thanks for the heads up re the clip - will get that too then!


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