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996 Turbo: Manual gearbox Reverse Switch Location


New member
4 Aug 2011
Evening All,

I have been searching a while but to no avail. My reversing lights and sensor have stopped working. As the door mirrors are still working (same fuse), I assume the reversing switch on my (manual G96.50) gearbox has given up. I would like to remove the switch and either clean the contacts or replace it.

Can anyone give me a leg-up and tell me where the switch is, how to identify and remove it please?



Page 70, lists the same part no as the C2/C4 gearbox, but does not show the location on the previous page/diagram.

Quick google tells me this is a 996TT g96.50 manual box, i've circled the switch in green. It's a white plug and and the connector that plugs in is black (well, it is on the C2).


Guide here for the C2, but same principle:-

That's great! Thanks Rich!
Looks like the Renntech site is down right now but I am sure I can figure it out now I know where to look. I will get the car up on the ramps at the weekend and remove it and see if it will clean up. If not, a new Genuine Porsche item is only £35.
Caution! I tried to replace the switch on mine, seized in solid due corrosion and I ended up braking the brittle plastic connector. ***** I thought and bought a new switch, luckily it was a short drive as a load of oil had thrown itself out of the new gearbox hole. Cleaned up mess, refilled oil and plugged the switch hole with some metal putty.
It's still in there 4 years later and I don't have reversing lights (not needed for MOT). I reckon the gearbox will need to be dropped to replace it and my clutch seems to be lasting forever. This Summer I'm going to rig up another manual override switch for the reversing lights as it is occasionally annoying not to have them.
I've not read that anyone else has had this problem but if it's not coming undone take care!

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