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996 TT


18 Apr 2013
Hi All,

I posted a topic on Pistonheads, which did help a little but also went off on a bit of a tangent/rant.

Originally I was going to purchase a 996TT last year but work, house and business all needed attending to.

So I'm hoping that 2014 is going to be the year for my first Porsche!

I would like to keep the car for the long term (10-20 years) and therefore want to take my time finding the best.

I already have a Golf GTI mk1 sportline cabrio and Mk2 GTI big bumper both late, mint examples. The Sportline is now just a show car and the Mk2 is my summer car, which gets used 2-3000 miles pa. I have had both for over 14 years.

I think I will retire the Mk2 soon as well and my twos sons aged (8 & 11) will get a true classic each when they are a little older. (They are real petrol heads!!)

So with this in mind, I want something I can keep hold of for the long term and NOT depreciated too much, perhaps even rise in value over the next 10-20 years.

I was originally looking for a 996tt, then thought that maybe I should look for a 966tt S..........For some reason I am now also drawn to the 996 GT2.

I love the 996, ever since I drove a re-mapped 996tt, I had to have one.

Please can someone help me.

I will probably have the car as a weekend car, my daily hack is a very comfy E320cdi AG estate.

Will the "S" version hold its value better?

Will the GT2 definitely appreciate?

Arrrggghhh, I'm going nuts.

My original budget was £26k but I could stretch to £35k.

It has to be a manual.

£35k won't get you a decent GT2, but would get you a good late turbo S. I wouldn't rely on any of them to appreciate over the next 10/20 years. But you can at least hope it won't depreciate much further.

I can't see how the turbo can depreciate any further.

The rest of the 996 range (except GT3) have been blighted by engine woes unfortunately whereas these cars will be going strong for as long as they are maintained well.

Fair enough hey might not appreciate at all over the next 5-10 years but after that (when people realise they are THE best handling and driving "modern" 911) I can see the prices rising nicely.

:) Welcome. Agree with comments. Don't think you'll go wrong with any of turbo variants.
The turbo will drop to 15k for ratty high mile poor colour combo cars IMHO, the top end of the price bracket will depend on how far the 997 falls, 3 years ago a nice 996 turbo was 35k+.....

I think the S cars won't be worth a huge amount more, just they will be sat at the top of the price bracket as you see now.

I can see the 997 slowly slipping towards 30k over the next 5 years.

A 996 turbo won't appreciate, the GT2 will.

All in my opinion, I'm just about to sell my Escort Cosworth & buy a nice 75k 996 turbo for 22.5k off a mate. I'm expecting about 1k a year depreciation.
The GT2 is a mind-blowing brute. I'd advise against it because the 996 TT is fast-enough and within your price bracket. Look for a good example in a manual box - prices unlikely to appreciate but you are probably buying at the trough of the depriciation curve.
The 996 GT2 is a far more dramatic, involving and exciting steer than the Turbo. It's also less practical and I'd hesitate to take one out in crap weather. It depends what you want from the car really.

Also, £35k won't get you a decent GT2.
Take your time to find a late, low mileage 996T (or preferably an 'S') for c£30k and if you keep it nice and don't pile on the miles I reckon it'll be worth much the same in 10 years time.

NB: In the short term it may fall in value - as 997Ts tumble towards £30k - but in 10 years time they may well bounce back. Even if it doesn't you'll have had an awful lot of :grin: 's per £ during your ownership of it.

Happy Hunting. :thumb:
cheshire911 said:
I'd advise against it because the 996 TT is fast-enough and within your price bracket.

Fast enough for who?!! You - or the OP?
DeathStar said:
cheshire911 said:
I'd advise against it because the 996 TT is fast-enough and within your price bracket.

Fast enough for who?!! You - or the OP?

Going by sales figures of every Porsche turbo since, just him.

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