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996 -reassurance required!


New member
10 Mar 2003
Am looking at a 1999 996 C2 with Tiptronic box and 39,000 miles on the clock. It's had 4 previous owners but FSH and it's from a main dealer.

I am buying this as my main car and I do 20k miles per year (motorways and alot of town driving). Anything to warn me about or should I relax that I'm buying an awesome car that is also great for day to day driving. Also will the running costs be crippling with that sort of mileage?

I'd appreciate any help/comments - good or bad.


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Running costs should be fine. Obviously your services will come round more quickly but the 996 is pretty good value on servicing. A Tip should be great for all those miles and the gearbox is bullet proof. 4 owners is quite a lot but not necessarily an issue. If you can though I would try to contact the last owner and see what they say about the car.

Also, there are loads of 996s out there so don't rush in and buy the first you see. Drive a few and get a feel for them before parting with the readies.


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How much is it?

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I have recently bought a 1999 C4 Tip for the same purpose (25k miles per year)- probably went throught the same concerns etc. The car clearly going to be less practiable than a diesel vectra but once your behind the wheel you'll see the difference.

I have decided to use specialist for things like brakes etc, and MAY choose to use OPC to keep the log looking nice. Additionally make sure you stay away from Sport suspension in my opion as it will be to harsh for day to day use.

The Tip box is excellent and make town driving ok and nothing lost when its come to a B-road blast.

What do you drive at present. ?


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I too think 4 owners is a lot given that most people hang-on for a couple of years before jumping or upgrading. I expect you've thought through tip vs. manual - personally I'd always go for the 6-speed but just a preference.

I've had a 2001 since new and have always used it as a daily driver though I'm putting less miles on it than you're suggesting. What I have noticed is that if you drive them, bumps in the road and everything, you get a bit of rattle and need things tightened - especially on the interior - door speakers, instrument cluster, door airbags etc. Having said that, sure beats having it as a cream puff in your garage that you never drive!

Finally, I'd take the advice from before and look around if buying 2nd hand. I'm sure there's bunches around. Good luck!

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I've got a 993 which I use as a daily commute, about 20-25K miles a year.

No problem!

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