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996 or 993

imported_blue dog

New member
3 Sep 2004
Since prices are now converging - looking for some suggestions from the enthusiasts about which 911 to go for:

I love the shape of the basic 996 C2. Perturbed by the reports of engine blowouts on this forum. Any other general pitfalls with the 996 - probably of 1997-98 vintage?

Like the idea of the 'classic' 993 model - but don't personally like the wide rear wheel arches on most post '95 models. A firend has a '96 993 Targa that has the narrower wheel arches - what do I ask for to get that body style? Also like the 'business like' instrument panel on the 993. Any serious potential problems with a '96 ish 993?

All tips appreciated

Blue Dog

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993 wide body is only on the normal 'S' models i.e. C2S or C4S and on the likes of Turbo and GT models

normal C2, C4, Targa & RS are all narrow body....

problems on a 96 993... nothing serious that I am aware.... just remember super cars get old and need maintainence, obviously reflected in price.. but saying that a high mileage 93 is nothing to be afraid of.....993 's are very reliable if looked after..

although my 92k mile car is having a gearbox rebuild right now from a faulty diff... but thought might as well rebuild it at the same time as it has to come out anyway !

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Get a 993 - better built - air cooled - more fun to drive - will hold its value better - look around and get a pre-purchase inspection, but you won't go far wrong with a 1996 993.

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Have to agree with all of the above. 996s are great and clearly modern but the distinctive 993 is the enthusiast's choice - and it makes sound financial sense too. So they're getting on a bit in years - but looked after will last and last.

Choose carefully, though. There are quite a few iffy and average cars - but some rather good ones as well...

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The standard 996 is a tad boring, but it's faster, more comfy and has a better interior than the 993. Still sounds quite nice at 7200rpm, but not as good as the 993.

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I went through the same dilemma... but after reading this forum for a week or two, decided that the 993 was the way to go.

It retains the 'true' 911 shape, and of course the air cooled engine... which from recent news, appears to be a better proposition than the water cooled 996 unit.

From my point of view.... my budget (a year ago) of £30-32k would get me a very nice 993 C2 or C4 coupe, that would look the biz.... basically all 993's in my opinion look fantastic.

The same money however, would only have got me a basic, early 996, and relative to the above... I think the basic 996 looks a bit bland. I also love the 'no nonsense' traditional dash of the 993.... but that's a matter of taste and many would way say they prefer the modernity of the 996 interior. I've also gradually formed the opinion that the 993, if looked after, will definately hold its value better than an early 996.

Maintenance need not be expensive... just use the good independants, and you'll have the comfort of excellent workmanship, and knowledgeable service... I use JZ Machtech, but there are plenty of others.

Only problem of course is that a good 993 is probably harder to find than a good 996.

Sum up: 993 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

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This forum is heavy on the side of 993s so you'll not get an un-biased answer on this debate .... the question comes down to what you want the car for and how much of a purest you are. If you want/need a modern car then stay clear of a 993.

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While I agree this forum is very much 993 based, I would caution the 'modern car' approach when 993's seem to be a lot better than the early 996's with dodgy engines as outlined on numerous threads within these forums. I appreciate what you are saying in terms of looks (interior mainly) for the 996, but in terms of the reliability, I think most would agree that a late 993 will generally be a better buy than an early 996 with all it's water cooled engine issues....


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Well that depends ... I think you'll find for every early 996 that has a problem there are multiples that don't so I'm not sure I concur with the reliability thing. And the modern car comment was also directed at the general feel and handling as much as the interior. You can drive a 996 and give it some and then let your wife do a gentle school run ... not sure you can say the same with a 993 as it lacks the refinement.

So I come back to what I originally said ... what does Blue Dog want the car for? The answer to this question should provide a hint on the debate...

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When I was deciding which model to go for I came across a good article in 911 & Porsche World (May 2003) which compared 993 and 996 models. Back copies are £5.

The first reviewer chose the 996, the second decided that he would choose both cars – cheat!

I decided for many different reasons to go for a 993 but in truth my decision was really between 3.2 Carrera, 964 and 993.

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Thanks for all the advice - always a good idea to ask an enthusiast.

To answer Freddie - I typically use the car one day a week on a business trip - 220 mile round trip m25 - m11 - so for the m25 bit I appreciate my current bmw automatic. At the week-ends I drive for fun.

I drove a 993 manual and found the clutch a little heavy - but bear in mind I drive auto most of the time. Is the clutch much different between the 996 and 993?

My supplementary question is - what is the tiptronic transmission like on the 993 and the 996. On the bmw you lose that last degree of finesse on chossing gear and sometimes find yourself a bit short of revs (too lazy to use the semi-manual option). I would be inclined to go for the manual box on the Porsche.


Blue Dog

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Basically, go for a 993 if you can't afford a 996. The 996 is faster, handles better, and looks better than the 993. If you want a car that just makes a lot of noise, go for one of those horribly vulgar yank cars like a corvette. It really comes down to the fact that a lot of people cannot handle change. The world evolves and so do cars. I remember when I was at school my ultimate car used to be the ferrari testarossa. I checked one out in a ferrari dealership a few years ago, and just thought it looked stupidly outdated. Quite simply, cars are better now than they used to be. That is why I got a 996, and the next car I will go for will probably be a 997.

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Nah mate... yer on drugs! Just pumped up Boxters them 996's

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