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996 odds & ends


New member
30 Jun 2004
Hello, new boy here!

I have been lurking and searching for a few months and now I am in the process of buying a 996 C2 coupe, RHD, 99 model. This forum has been useful in getting my thoughts in order so thanks for that. [I did try a 993 before you ask....]

I have a couple of starter questions for people who might know..

The Porsche installed music system does not seem to have a cassette. The audio system has a 6 CD autochanger installed in the front. Has anybody tried to play a home burnt CDR in the changer? I have tried several different autochangers in the past, some take home burnt CDs. some not. I will miss making cassette compliations, being a big music fan!

As with many 98/99 models, the boot and bonnet release levers on the drivers door sill are a bit scuffed, and I would like to get them replaced. I can't find any part numbers for these, or any info about how hard a job this will be? Can the 2000 model electronic switch assembly be used?

Thanks for any replies.


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I have a 98 996 and have a 6 cd changer and a cassette. I think the systems name is cd-21 or something...sorry.

My CD player doesn't like home burnt cd's. A little frustrating.

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Silly question maybe, but have you checked what's behind the display of your head unit (there's a button to flip it down on mine)? You may find a tape slot behind the display.

I've got the 6 CD changer with cassette head unit and the changer plays CD-Rs fine. Burnt with Nero, nice and easy.

I was told by Porsche when they did a pre-purchase inspection that the seat has to be removed to replace scuffed levers with new ones (hence big job), but I'm pretty sure that I found a thread/instructions on RennTech.org to do this without removing the seat. Sorry I don't have a link.

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Oh, and from memory, each replacement lever was about £45 from Porsche. As part of the inspection they gave me a quote for all the parts that they would replace to get the car up to scratch, so they will be able to give you a part number and price.

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I can only comment on the CD changer in my 996. If you have a 6 CD changer, it is likely to be the CDC-3.
Mine plays CD-R discs ok.


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should (?) play CD-R's as most systems do so... but get quality branded discs...

but very few if any take CD-RW's

you can check the spec's from becker as these are all becker rebranded units....

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I have have the Porsche Hi-FI Pack taken out and replaced it with Alpine Cassette deck / tuner / CD controller head unit, Alpine CD changer (CDR, RW and MP3 compatible), Genesis Amps. JL Audio speakers, iRiver interface and electric door opener.

It sounds a lot better than the best Porsche In car that can offer!


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