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996 looks

Its You .

only joking , could be right i saw one the other that made me think the same
hornet said:
Is it me or does the 996 seem to be be better looking with age
A little,the
"headlights" maybe
I wasn't a fan of the lights when I started looking for one, but when you see them in real life the pictures don't do them justice. They have masses of presence and still undeniably look like every bit like a 911 should. Besides, the lights are litronic so as modern as they can be, except maybe some DRL leds.

If we can get some wide body led rears it will really update it a fair bit.

I'm really pleased with my carbon bits and seats which I think do a great job of updating the interior, its a nice place to be and I also have Bluetooth and USB outlets so its got everything I want.
Apart from the 996 GT3 and GT2, I think in time the demand for good clean low mileage 996tt will increase, driving up prices. I am already seeing it now compared to summer last year when I bought mine.

An editorial in one of teh Porsche mags went so far as to say that when all the blown up and knackered NA cars are taken out of circulation, we will be left with some good cars.

As for the headlights. Well all I can say is that when I sit in mine, I can't see the headlights as I drive. Perhaps some of us have long jointed necks.
The car in the flesh is different to the pictures.

Fingers crossed the 996tt may join the GT3 clan - not a track car but sharing much of the same engine and a better all-out road car. I can't imagine the GT3 being comfortable for commutes or even exclusively road use - seems too firm and hard nd probably very noisey. But I'm not a GT3 owner and no, I don't want to attract a shower of owners telling me what a load of bol@cks I'm talking. This is just my view.
I think the pre-face lift, bar of soap, lack of any tension, bodied cars now look excellent in a kind of pure classic type way. Now, this is either familiarity, the age of the car or my age but I now think they look properly 911 classic - at least more 911 than a 993 (there I said it). :pc:
- at least more 911 than a 993 (there I said it). :pc:

OMG :eek: :gunfire: :saw: it was nice knowing you :grin:

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