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996 litronics adjustment advice (post fitted on a 996.1)

17 Oct 2010
My 2nd hand litronics (fitted to a non original litronic 996.1) need adjustment.

The main beam sits too high on the drivers side and slightly to the right. Yet when I adjust the height on both adjusters the entire subframe moves up or down, not the main and / or dipped beam.

On the left it sits low and the same: both adjust but not the main and / or dipped.

Any tips for how to adjust separately?

Thanks. :?
When you say subframe, do you mean the hex bolts on the lamp table with locking mechanism, or the side adjustment (5mm long-reach Allen key), as per handbook/manual?
I mean the internal mechanism inside the headlamp that seems to mount both the dipped beam lamp and the full beam one. The two hexagon screws only seem to make this go up down but not side to side.

When I take the lamp out there is a third, not accessible while it is loaded into the tray. This is the side to side adjuster I think, though also seems to do very little...... help!
The relative relationship between dipped and main is set internally (ie within the headlamp, no external access).

The external access should be used to adjust for MOT etc (both dipped and main are on the same adjustment)

The third setting is for the fog lamp.

As per manual:


You may have the relative relationship awry if these are used units, on full auto level systems, the internal positioning is tared at startup, and the 15oDeg auto-rotate reset.

It may be the latter that has failed to reset (the dipped beam independently and mechanically rotates up on full beam to fill out the light spread - kind of an old school bi-xenon)

AFAIK the only way to adjust (assuming not broken) is pulling the lamp unit out and fiddling (or better, fitting to a fully Litronic car and getting it to electronically tare the units, then remove and refit to yours)
Sounds like a plan. No idea where I'll source one but I'm taking it in to Chris Turner on Thursday for my regular oil change so I'll see if he know's someone who'll oblige.


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