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996 in Cambridge.


New member
27 Oct 2013
Hi all, I'm interested in a 911 in Cambridge but as a 911 virgin I'm nervous about buying anything without having someone give it a good going over first, can anyone recommend someone who can offer a PPI in the area?

Any help would be much appreciated!
An 'annual inspection' at Cambridge OPC would cost you £125 and would probably provide you with a full list of major, minor and absolutely trivial things that need doing.

Use that to either walk away or to negotiate your buying price.
Thanks for that, the idea hadn't crossed my mind.

Would they pick up on things like signs of accident damage etc? The rear bumper has been painted and is a slightly different shade (it's silver, not the easiest of colours to match!) so I'd like someone to have a good look at signs of damage anywhere.

If I'm honest, I've done so much reading and have picked up on quite a bit of negativity about the 3.4 996 so I'm now really paranoid about buying a lemon! I've bought countless cars over the years but have never been so nervous about buying one as I am now! :lol: At the beginning of my search I'd seen a few early reviews/videos that were championing the 996 as a 'practical and reliable every day sports car' which is what got me into the idea, whereas most of the reading I've done since seems to be less complimentary so I'm being (perhaps over) cautious!

Here's the advert, I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on the car - http://goo.gl/q9crHz

It's the engine rebuild that has sparked my interest, it apparently had the RMS changed at the same time and the IMS was checked and there was no play.

Things that slightly worry me are the aforementioned rear bumper, and the fact that the brakes haven't been done in 20k (am I right to assume that they will need doing fairly soon?) and also how much hassle it will be to sort out the sat-nav? Due to the age of the system am I right to assume that it's not worth having it fixed? Is it difficult to find a system that will fit into the dash where the original unit is?

Sorry for all the questions, any input appreciated.

EDIT - just to add, what's the deal with the phone? I'm surprised to see such an old looking 'carphone' in a 2001 car, will it be useable and if not how easy is it to remove? thanks!
At an OPC you'd need to ask them specifically to check for things like accident repairs. Re the mismatched bumper it may just be that the owner had a minor scrape done. As you say, silver is difficult to match but can be done IF you're prepared to pay bigger money.

From the ad it looks like a genuinely well cared for car.

NB: The cost the seller quotes for a replacement Sat Nav reader is nonsense. Secondhand units are as rare as hens teeth. New ones cost c£1800 ! They're not much good anyway so if Sat Nav is important to you buy a Tom Tom.

If the brakes need doing the OPC will flag it up. 20k miles isn't necessarily an issue if the car's not been driven hard, regularly. It's more often time and lack of use that kill discs. An indy will do all four corners for c£1k. Try and get the seller to make a contribution towards that.
Chap, you're just a few months behind me and enjoying the web-induced paranoia which is just a short-term infection.

This is a bold claim
"which has been maintained regardless of cost throughout its life"
but bears closer examination, the owner should have no difficulty in sitting you down behind a pile of receipts to catalogue every penny which has been spent.

At the end of the day the car is under £10k so it's gotta be worth a closer examination.

I've never used the OPC in Cambridge, not have I used any indie's in and around Cambridge, maybe some of the others here will have real-life experience to share.

I'd be googling Porsche specialist Cambridgeshire and making a few phonecalls. Tell 'em that you're a Porsche virgin, explain what you need and get a feel for the people on the other end of the line.

Oh aye, that phone looks like something out of a 1970s submarine warfare fillum.
Steve Andrews at SPA Motors in Newmarket has a couple of great Porsche specialists working for him. He does PPI work and Cambridge is just down the road.
I notice the car in the advert is actually in Peterborough rather than Cambridge. There's an outfit called TWG in Peterborough that 'specialise' in Porsche, BMW and Merc. I've never used them personally but they're at least local to the car.
My experience of PC Cambridge is less than satisfactory. Happy to share via PM or you can read about it on the PCGB Forum under Region 24.
I wasn't very impressed with servicing at OPC Cambridge either. But the parts department are pretty good.
Jcx said:
My experience of PC Cambridge is less than satisfactory. Happy to share via PM or you can read about it on the PCGB Forum under Region 24.

Where I think I can't post a reply just now due to server migration issues but, seriously, with my son living in Wiltshire, I'm not ruling out a return to Mr Tognola in Datchet next year for service. This doesn't help he op here, I'm just saying. I'm in danger of straying off-topic which doesn't help the op with a car to look at in Peterboro'
OP call Tony at Dove House Motors in Rushden. They advertise on here.... They will PPI and hey are very very good chaps. You may need to pay for their travel time or you may need to ask the seller to take he car o hem. Good luck.

Tell Tony i recommended you. Say 'Joe' with the red 964. He is in love with my car :oops:
I live in peterborough and drive down to auto2000 in Bedford rather than use twg. I would not recommend twg (I was charged 3 hours labour to change one coil pack plus heard several different reports about their practices of over charging / recommending unnecessary work)

Nick at auto2000 does ppi's.
Just over a year ago, I was in a similar position to the OP. The web induced paranoia is a problem. You read all of the IMS issues, bore scoring etc. etc. BUT bear in mind that people don't often go on to a forum and tell everyone that their IMS is absolutely fine.

I had the LN engineering bearing fitted as part of the deal when I bought my 996 and the oil seal on it failed after 10 months and 9500 miles so it leaked. There is NO WARRANTY on this part and no option to go back. Worst of all is that the oil seal is not available separately.

All that aside, my advice to the OP would be; pop your 911 cherry and GET YOURSELF IN A 996! :D

I have had a lot of different cars, (BMW's Mercedes, Cosworths, e36 M3, Focus RS MK2 etc.) the 911 is beyond any shadow of doubt the BEST car I have ever owned. I don't use it everyday but I could do (and did all last winter even in the snow). These cars make you want to drive.

Apologies that this may not really answer your question but I hope it will put some objectivity to the horror stories that you will easily find online. I looked at the Honest John website once and decided that if I were to read the full content, I'd probably never buy a car again :sad:

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