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996 gt3 - entry level price.


2 Feb 2020
Hi. I currently own an S1 Lotus Exige but looking to return to the Porsche fold. My budget in a few months time should be circa £65k ish.. I’ve long dreamt of owning a GT Porsche and I like Caymans so was aiming at a 981 GT4 however I’d love something Mezger, ( I think but will need to compare when the time comes ).

So the question is, will £65k ish get me into a solid 996 GT3? I don’t want a CAT registered car or a track rat however I’m also aware that the lower end of the market is just that.

I’ve seen the recent wanted advert on here from another forum member searching for something similar which suggests it might be realistic but thought it was worth asking more specifically on here. I’m assuming that cars advertised by dealers at low seventies have been purchased at closer to low sixties so it seems viable..

Any thoughts/advice welcome.

Cheers, Ed
Hey Ed, sorry I didn't respond to your message on my Wanted thread.

I had a few people approaching me with 996 GT3's in the 60-65k range that are off-market and are looking for a hassle free sale. They will be typically higher mileage but that didn't put me off. A lot have some history behind (such as undeclared damage) so it's really important to get as much information as possible and a good PPI once you find something that appears honest

Best bet will be to have the cash in your hand and be prepared to buy it (subject to the above advice) - a good car at a low price won't hang around (as I found out a couple of times!)

Good luck!
65k for a 996 mk1 GT3 seems quite reasonable

Place a wanted as and see what’s out there 👍🏻
Thanks for the feedback guys..That's really given me something to think about. Exige will be up for sale shortly so if it goes quickly I'll be on the hunt.

GT4 still appeals also but analogue steering and mezger combo could win.. An uncle of mine had a 993 RS followed by a 996.1 GT back when they were new and they left a lasting impression on me..

An exciting prospect..
The advantage of a GT4 is, there is a very good supply on the marketplace for what is a younger car. However it’s not even as close to being a special as any GT3.

And I speak from experience for someone who has had a Cayman, you spend half the time, wondering why you didn’t buy a 911
Yes I think it’s “special” that I’m after rather than out and out performance.. I had a modded Cayman 987s in the past and I loved it and preferred it to a friends 981 gts. I was hoping to find that a GT4 feels sufficiently more special but will see.. An older GT3 though I’m sure that will feel special enough
Agree 💯 still get a PPI on any car you’re seriously considering, as well kept any GT3 is, age is still a factor
If you are looking at GT3's at any price, you need to budget for servicing and remedial work. Particularly if you are looking at cheaper cars, everything is cheaper for a reason!

I would suggest you need between £5-10k disposable to spend on a car immediately. Tyres, alignment, arms, major service, coil packs, radiators, coolant hose fittings, clutch etc all add up.

The majority of cars that come to market, do so needing work, the previous owners having not neglected to maintain for the previous 6/12/24/36 months.

Always buyer beware.

If a car hasnt had £2-5k a year spent on it, for the last 3 years, that money will need spending as soon as you buy it.
+1 to all of what pye21 said above.

Around 3 years ago I sold my low mileage 968 CS, with the aim of getting a 996 gt3. My budget was a bit less , 50-55, but the only cars within that range were very rough and neglected.

Since then, the market has moved on and those rough 50-55K cars are now at least 65K.
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Yes good feedback and it goes back to my original question..."is a solid 996 gt3 possible for £65k?" Perhaps not then?

They're old cars now that will have had quite a bit of abuse so I'd expect some things to need attention, if not immediately but on an ongoing basis. However if it immediately needs £5-£10k spending on it then it's not really a £65k car to my mind..

My thoughts were that cars advertised at dealers at low seventies must have been traded in at mid sixties..The garage may have spent a bit on prep prior to sale but must still be lookin to make 5k+ on it. I
assume they are selling them as good cars that are on the button with service, warranty etc.. On this basis a wanted ad might yield some of these cars privately?

Regardless....I appreciate the advice to proceed with caution..

Thanks, Ed
There's a couple on Pistonheads that I would look into more :

Red 2003 996.2

Silver 2000 996.1

I suspect Pye21 might be able to give you more information about the silver car ;)
I would suggest £65k for an on the button, non Cat, GT3 is not realistic. Anything 'right' is going to be at the top of the market in the £70-90k range.

Ive been through the process of buying a GT3 with neglected maintenance (18k on the clock when I bought, but needed tyres, brakes, coolant, rads, condensors, major service, dampers, loads of interior parts, coolant tank, alignment). I spent £8k on it inside the first 2 months of ownership, not including labour, to make it right. Ive owned it 4 years, Ive spent around £20k on maintenance in that time.

It is now for sale, well below your budget, but it is a Cat car.
I would echo the above, 65K is very tight and you would need 10K as slush fund mabye
GT4 is a good option at this price point
Good luck
Thanks all and I think that confirms my original understanding of the current market. It's £70k

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