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996 GT2 or 997 Turbo??


New member
21 Apr 2012
Just a fleeting thought, I am in the market for a 997 turbo at the moment but in the same price bracket I am seeing a few 996 GT2's. What are peoples thoughts/comparisons between the 2? Why would one be better than the other?
I work offshore so it's not going to be a daily, saying that, I will use it every day I am home probaly, just not to commute in.
Has anyone experienced ownership of both? I can't see why the GT2 would be more expensive to run than the turbo, other than perhaps more regular servicing. To contrast, I think the GT2 would hold it's money better than a turbo, but that's not in the forefront of my mind really.
What would be the more enjoyable car?
I feel I can speak in an unbiased way on this as I have not owned either car :D . I would expect that the 997 will be more civilised, more relaxing drive whilst being very quick and having the benefits of 4wd and traction control to help you out. The 996 GT2 has none of that, it will be much more raw but also more involving, and if you are good at driving it, more rewarding. If you do get it wrong you will be going backwards in to a hedge though...
You also get four seats in the 997 turbo. I agree about the value, GT2 values seem to have been relatively stable for some time and I suspect this will continue. Over the years you will see more and more Cat C and Cat D cars as the owners abilities and the car / road conditions don't quite meet up.

For a good driver on decent roads, I doubt there would be a more rewarding drive than a GT2. For a Sunday morning blast it would be great :thumb:

both are very different cars, one being RWD and the other 4WD, spec of the GT2 is more limited due to the low production number whereas you will have a good choice of 997TT's to pick from.
Minto said:
What would be the more enjoyable car?

If you want a car that will go very fast with little fuss get the turbo. The GT2 has similar performance but driving it quickly is more challenging. They're not as dangerous as some people seem to think but without care and attention they can easily end up swapping ends and being written off.

Values are strange with GT2s, everybody loves them at car shows/meets etc but not many people buy them. The market is limited but for straight cars the market is there so good ones will always sell. My old 996 has sold 3 times since I sold it 3 years ago, and I sold it with 70,000 miles on it.

If you're just buying it to use for the fun of driving get the GT2, if you need a 911 that can be used as your main car I'd get the turbo.
That last sentence in the previous post is the best advice I have seen on here for a while. :thumb:

GT's are incredible 911's that put a massive smile on your face but they are not that good/practical as daily drivers.

If you can £stretch to a decent daily hack then the GT2 is a must, as it is a gem that's going to increase in value and will pass the 997tt in terms of value.

It also looks mean as hell and getting meaner looking as the years pass. You rarely see another on the road. For me/others that makes the overall ownership experience even sweeter.

That's not to say that the 997TT is anything but a great 911......it's all about valuing differences and making a lifestyle choice.
I'm in the potentially enviable position of having both owned a 997 turbo for the last 2 and a half years and the pleasure of driving Wizard's 'widow maker' on our recent European tour :grin:

As a daily driver I would say you should always go for the more comfortable and versatile turbo, but if it's weekend thrills you're after then the GT2 wins hands down - angry, dirty, noisy, scary, and OMFG abso-feckin-lutely bloody brilliant!! :worship:

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