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996 FM Reception


2 Feb 2004
On anything other than "national" FM stations my reception is at best average.

Local stations are ok when you are very local but soon begin to crackle and fade.

Are they all like this, probably due to that embedded aerial, or is there anything which can be done to improve things?

I'm not comparing it to much as my last car was a jap import with an FM band expander but it was better then this.

Any advice gratefully received

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Hi Martyn

Main thing to check is that the power lead for the aerial (it has its own power) is connected. Potentilly, this has either come apart, broken or the prevous owner (if there was one) changed the head unit back when he sold the car and the dealer/whoever did not reconnect this lead. This is the most likely fault and often happens...


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Thanks very much Andy - I'll take a look in there at the weekend and check it out.

Does the dash in these come apart easily do you know?



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Dash probably doesn;t (I do not know to be honest) but pull the radio out and check all the connections at the back, and look for spare wires. Maybe someone with a 996 can help you, but I've no idea on the colour to look for. If you cannot see anything, pop into a specialist who will be able to help I'm sure.Andy

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In case this is of any use to other people with similar problems, it was the GPS aerial for my Road Pilot. It was way over to the right but still interfering with reception.

I'd imagined that they were passive devices but obviously not :eek:

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