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996 Carrera 4S Exhaust


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6 Oct 2012
Can anyone tell me if the stock exhaust on the 4S is the same sound as the one that can be activated on the PSE?

A 4S I'm interested in does not have the switchable button but has the permanent exhaust note...

The stock exhaust and the PSE sound different.

When not in quiet mode, the PSE has more of a throaty, basey note too it. A bit more 'balls'. Volume wise, i don't actually think there is actually that much between them, but the deep notes on the PSE make it sound more powerful and louder. Colleague has a C4 with the PSE and standing behind each one in turn, there are similarities and maybe not as big a difference at a standstill as some may say.

The stock exhaust still sounds pretty fruity. That's what I ended up with and not hating it.

When it goes though, or if a bargain PSE turns up, will be changing it for the PSE or similar.

Don't get me wrong, PSE is definitely something I'd want and definitely sounds better IMHO .. But wouldn't pass up a car that's great in every other way I think. Can always add a good exhaust... Bit harder to add a good engine.


Don't forget, a PSE without the switch will still go into 'quiet' mode around the 30mph range even if it doesn't have the switch.

Quiet mode... So I've been told .. Is basically the same as the stock exhaust apparently.
I've found one since which I'm hopefully going to pick up next week! My first 911, dead excited!

What do you think? No cruise control but has a lot of other extras!
Looks good! But someone has the left exhaust on the right and visa versa... Odd but easy fix I imagine.

Cruise control can be added if you need it. How to is googleable.
The 4S exhaust or PSE (where cost optioned) is the same as all the other Carrera 3.6 systems (except the tip extensions to cater for the revised PU cut-outs).

That particular car has the tips off a 997 (or 997 PSE tip copies)

All PSE design tips (where different to standard tips), have the smaller diameter pipe as the inner pipe (closer to car centre-line) - ie those tips (although not 996) are on the correct way round.

So the reason they look a little crowded in there is not the orientation, but that they are made for 997 3.8 PU apertures.
Thanks for tech info, so those exhaust tips are correctly placed? Any difference in the sound with these tips?
They are the correct way round, but they are placed on the wrong car.

As for sound: the last 2" of exhaust pipe work makes not a jot of difference (unless you fill it with potatoes)
Sounds a bit too loud to me, but then it is impossible to know from a single YouTube clip recorded on an unknown device.

If we have heard any other car or sound it may have been possible to get an idea of the levels and sensitivity profile of the recording device's microphone.

Never compare colours from different cameras on different days, and never compare sounds from different microphones on different days.

(not least because they look and sound completely different depending on the device I look or listen on!)

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