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996 cabriolet window drop issue


15 Mar 2015
A strange issue has developed with my driver's door window. When I open the door from either outside or inside the car the window drops slightly as it should but then immediately goes back to fully closed when I release the handle. Result is that when closing the door from inside I have to first switch on the ignition and lower the window, and from outside, keep the handle pulled open so the window stays down to clear the roof, push the door to then finally shove it fully shut.
Motor works fine up and down from the switch, and passenger door is ok as well.
Any advice appreciated.
By what you explain, sounds like the latch mechanism.

It's really common for them to go at this age, trust me I've replace both sides on my C4S and one on my partner Audi TT that has the exact same mechanism.

Basically the plastic that depresses the open/close microswitch wears down so the door thinks it's closed again just after you pull the handle and subsequently closes the window.

It almost certainly isn't the handle microswitches by the fact yours does it from inside and out, plus they wouldn't effect it once open anyway.

This is what I replaced mine with:

Can't go wrong the for price and an easy DIY.
Just make sure you have an M8 triple square for the mechanism bolts and it's worth buying a few spare door card clips as they are prone to break before detaching, 99950758240 for 8/9 of them which you can find cheap packs of copies on ebay and 99950765140 which is an odd one I had to get from Porsche direct, but is still cheap, like less than a quid.
Only other thing is disconnect the battery unless you have a code reader that lets you get rid of the airbag light, since you will probably end up disconnecting it and getting a light otherwise.

You can technically replace the microswitch rather than the whole mechanism but been there and done and it's not worth the hassle when the whole drop in mechansim is already so cheap.
Sometimes it can just be moisture thats got in to the switch and a good blast with the hair dryer round that area sorts it out. You can easily test if the door switch in question is working by seeing if the interior light comes on and off when opening and closing your door (I think).

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