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996 Cab,T Plate-Urgent advice needed pls


19 Oct 2005
Hi there,

So, i am about to take the plunge? Just seen a 996 Cab for sale at £30k with 33k miles. Howvere its a one man part-time dealership effectivley, not a garage, so no warrenty.

He wants £30,000 (10k and my R Reg C4 993 Cab with 87,000 on the clock). His 996 has just 33k on it and is pretty mint from the close inspection I have seen.

Can i have your advice guys, i am new to all this and am not sure what to look for. It seems a good deal.

His cab has 18'' turbos, grey soft leather and a sound pack, and also a sliver middle bit inside (not sure what that bits called - but it looks nice).

What steps can i take to make sure its A)legit and B)sound? And also, is that a good deal????

Help appreciated.


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first off get an HPI check done on it to make sure there aint any outstanding finance,accident damage,or anything suspiscious mileage wise...........costs about £39.99 but well worth it

and as for £10k to put forward as well as your P/ex...........hmmmm 97R 993 C4 cab for £20k seems a trifle low.............even in winter

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...........oh yeah forgot about that :oops:

how old is the 996 btw?

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Cheers, i agree and was planning on both the HPI and the 111 point check at Porcshe Guildford.

I agree 20k is low BUT when i put in to the context of 30k for a 996 withh 33k miles, its that a good deal?

WHAT really breaks me is I bought my 993 2 years ago with 63k on the clock for 30k, which back then was a good price. Jesus prices have bombed!!!!!!

I love em though so what can you do??????? :D
Buy a Beemer, I dont think so!!!

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i'm sure you'd get the 993 sold for at least £2-£3k more even in Nov/Dec...............just remember there'll be fewer buyers looking for a £30k cab than a early-mid £20k one......but at the end of the day its your money

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2-3k is 2-3k and if i could get it i certainly would. To be fair its on Ex&Mart and Autotrader and it's not moving at 22.5k which is a bloody bargain for such a beatiful car.

The problem i have is i drive it everyday (as you should if you can) and am putting on miles rapidliy so unless i shift it now i am going to lose even more cash. You see my dilema!!!

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Its a 99 T. 33,000 miles is good thought and i looks the nuts with the grey ruffled leather and silver ''middle bit''.

Good deal?

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Sounds a touch on the high side to me.

Is he offering no Warranty at all? Even a one man band dealer should offer you some sort of Warranty. With a private sale, you would not get any sort of Warranty, but if he is any kind of dealer and he has faith, he would put his money where his mouth is.

You'll have to fork out for a PPI and an HPI, definitely.

Personally, I would walk away. But if you absolutely love the car, do the PPI and HPI and if it is still OK, offer him £28k. There are an awful lot of 1999 996's out there.

Or, you could ignore me altogether, it is just my personal opinion. I don't listen to anyone when I am buying a car! :D

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Good point Mark - most people aren't aware of that law, just the way (some) traders like it I would guess...

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by mark pearce on 04 November 2005

Any Trader has to offer a 6 month warranty by law, its not optional
really ?

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EEC ruling last year

you have to give a 6 month warranty

if you can prove there was a fault when you bought the car that you find during that 6 months you can also get a full refund

Mind you nobody bothered to write to every motor trader to tell them but if you contact the trading standards dept they will tell you

Millenium prices are effectively illegal

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by mark pearce on 05 November 2005

Millenium prices are effectively illegal
Millenium prices sound like a bargain, cos you get the car cheaper and a 6 month free warranty - who's gonna tell Henry ??????????? :D

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