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996 c4s

Joe Ross

New member
22 Jul 2004

I am buying a 911 C4S, delivery in Oct/Nov 04.

Does anybody know what the ground clearance is ? I am just concerned about speed bumps that proliferate around our area. Also my driveway is on a slope and exits onto the flat. I dont want to find out the expensive way that it needed altering.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi Joe,

I recently picked up a black 2002 C4S - the C4S is 10mm lower than the stock Carrera (which has a ground clearance of ~109mm), so the C4S has a ground clearance of some 99mm.

I've driven all around Central London (including areas with many, many speed bumps such as Maida Vale, Belsize Park, etc.) in the last month and have had no problems whatsoever with speed bumps.

One word of caution though - I was in Oxford on Friday night and exiting from a steep driveway's slope onto the flat led to a distressing grating sound - upon inspection, there was some very slight, invisible, "roughness" on the underside of the slightly lighter, plastic moulding underneath the front bumper. The attached picture of a virtually identical C4S (I hope) shows the bit I am talking about far better than I can explain it!

Hope that helps a bit.


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Hmmm. Let's try that again.


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1 further thought:

Buying the C4S was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The car is awesome, like a rocket on rails (especially in the wet). I was toying with the idea of a Turbo, but my previous car was a Peugeot 205 and the C4S is more than fine for my needs (well, for now, at least ...).


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Thanks very much for this, most useful.

The dealer I am buying mine from got the Porsche driver to take me around a disused airfield in a C4S. It was raining hard and he was doing emergency stops from 130mph with no hands, it did not skid one inch!

I was offered a turbo but could not justify the extra £30k. It gets delivered in Oct/Nov and I just can't wait. Peugeot 205 to 911 is a bit of a trade up to say the least! This is one area where I could probably beat most people on the forums as I am driving a 6 year old Ford Fiesta diesel van. I really, really did not want to get back in it after the test drive.



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You definitely win with a Fiesta Diesel van!

Hope the driveway doesn't prove to be a problem,



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