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996 C4S


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2 Feb 2004
Just as I've finally made my mind up to go with the 996 I saw a couple of throw away comments in here about the pre 2000 engines being trouble?

Anyone care to expand on that a little please as I would like to know what I am letting myself in for, especially if is avoidable for the sake of a few quid to move up a year.

One other thing, what is it about porsche dealers which makes them shy of showing mileage by a vehicle?

Great forum btw



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its worth getting the facelift model for extra power, and a glovebox apparently.

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So when exactly did the face lift model come in?

And apart from the 3.6 engine and a glovebox what else is added?

I have read that the earlier 996 (1998/99) models had trim quality problems?

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Not problems, just not as nice as 2000 model.

All the 996 and boxster engines can potentially suffer from rear main seal leak, a bad design flaw. It can just be a £200 fix, or lead to you needing a new engine.

Official porsche dealers and most independent garages(barring 911virgin-because all their cars are high mileage) so not sure what you mean.

The facelift 3.6 was introduced October 2001. The 3.6 has a little extra power, but it weighs more too so doesn't make that much difference...it does have a little extra low down torque, which may be good for driving around town.

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why is the link 996 4s? Sorry.

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Hi Sarbs - if we are being picky it was 996 c4s not 996 4s and the reason was simply that it was the car I'm looking for. I could have posted "why is a 993 engine better than a 996" and got gazillions of answers from the 993'ers of course, but I was simply seeking clarification of info posted in this forum - i'm sorry if that is a problem.

noony - I've gathered that henry's cars are mainly high mileage etc but I have read that autobahn have a good rep in here yet never post mileage though they still recognise it is important when they occasionally post "low mileage" against a car.



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