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996 c4s or turbo s tiptronic


15 Jan 2009
Hi ive a 996 convertible c4s manual thinking about getting a 2005 996 turbo s convertible tiptronic, the only thing putting me off is the tiptronic, what would you do, is the turbo better at keeping its value in the long run because of the rarity, could do with advice please, Noel
Prices on both models of car have been rising over the last 2 years. I think the C4S Turbo body is going to be a future classic and so probably will the 996 turbo as it was the first of the water cooled turbo cars.
If your not wanting a Tip then get a manual that way your sort of future proofing your investment, by that I mean the people who are keen will probably prefer a manual for low use rather than a Tip.
If you do want to liven a Tip up you can buy a booster box which sharpens up the response of the auto box, they can be a bit lethargic.
You also tend to find that the C4S have mega mileages, whilst the turbo's tend to be a bit more pampered and hence the mileages are lower.
The down side of the turbo is the servicing costs, see if you can find one that's had a lot of care and attention, rads, condensers, turbo units, exhausts, coolant pipes and brakes. Everything is a bit more expensive in turbo land!
The up side is you'll have one hell of a car for not a lot of money.

Thanks for that I've had a turbo manual 450 bhp before and loved it, my first porsche was a 993 c2 tiptronic and always wanted a manual, my c4s has 87,000 the turbo s is 60,000 basically I'm answering my own question, it's manual I prefer but there prices seem just to high, Noel
You've had a 996 Turbo and you've had a tiptronic 911 so you're pretty well placed to decide for yourself but as you're asking ..........

The tiptronic is far better suited to the engine characteristics of a 996T than it is in any Carrera so driving wise you'll probably love it.

Enthusiasts looking for 996 Turbos prefer manuals which is why comparable cars are always more expensive to buy. There's no reason to suggest that this situation will ever change so buying either won't affect comparative values.

I've never felt that there's as much love for the C4S cab as there is for the coupe and with 87k miles, bizarrely, it will appeal far more to many buyers than it will once it hits 90k+.

A 60k mile turbo is far more desirable and will hold its value better over the next 20k miles. It's not a rare car and with those miles will never be collectable so if you buy it just get on with enjoying the ownership of it.

Hi thought the 2005 996 turbo s 450 with carbon ceramic brakes were rare only 1500 World wide
Re: Rare

noel993 said:
Hi thought the 2005 996 turbo s 450 with carbon ceramic brakes were rare only 1500 World wide

Rarer than that, only 963 were cabs. Sorry, I missed the s in your original post.

At the right price it could be a good one to have and will always hold value better than your existing car :thumb:
I may/may not have a manual coupe on the market shortly..... :?:

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