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Sold 996 C4S manual in Arctic silver for sale

Status of item for sale, now as sold
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Mexico City
9 Jan 2013
After 10 years of ownership and a steady spending of cash to keep it in good order I have decided to sell my manual 2002 C4S.I am bringing forward retirement (I am 61 next month) and need a car with more space and room for 2 dogs as the company car will be going back.I will be taking photo's this coming weekend and posting up a proper advert. I have taken my reg no off it today so will get the new V5 hopefully very soon.
It is a 2002 in arctic silver, with sports seats and sunroof,98k miles,loads of work done including rads and condensers, top gear cats and silencers,discs and pads all round, water pump, coil packs,various suspension components including top mounts done by centre gravity.Wheels refurbed 2 years ago by excel and all servicing for the 60k miles under my ownership done by Dove House. It's been serviced so much the book is full, a 2002 model was still under annual servicing, later models went every 2 years.

I have a summary of all maintenence and a huge file of receipts and even copies of the original servicing done by the OPC in the first 5 years of its life.
I know this is a rubbish time to sell a 911 but someone may get a bargain, the car is in Northants. If anyone wants more info in advance of the ad going up let me know. Price wise I'm thinking £21k in the current market.Oh yes, MOT til Nov 23.
That must be like parting with an old friend Shurv. :sad:
I bet it hit home when you removed the Reg number.

You and the car have been on here a fair while eh. Good luck with the sale. Unfortunately I'm not in a position currently. We are thinking of getting off the PCP bandwagon with my wife's cars and this would be an ideal alternative as she works from home now so less miles.

Anyway, again good luck with the sale, that's a very fair price. Enjoy your retirement too. Nice one. :thumb:
£21k is too cheap!!
Alex said:
£21k is too cheap!!

That's what I was thinking..... but then I also have a C4S. :)
The car has now gone to it's new home, with a very happy new owner, Tom, please look after my baby :D :D
The pricing of one of these is really difficult, as they vary so much, and also it's not the best time of the year to sell a sportscar, and also the current economic climate etc. I wanted a speedy sale as I needed it to go before I changed my mind, so I licked my finger, stuck it up in the air and came up with a price that would move it quickly.

Sometimes you just know your time is up with a vehicle, and mine was up with the 4S, and it was time to move on with something a little more suited to my future needs. I agree, taking the plate off was a lump in the throat moment as I knew I was serious about moving it on. I can only afford to run one car in retirement, and the 4S wasn't it sadly.

Mrs Shurv has a very feisty GR Yaris which is great fun, and I have a motorbike so I am not short of toys to play with. I shall miss the 4S as it is an amazing car, and I shall no doubt cry into my beer as values climb over the next 10 years, but I know that for me I've made the right decision.
The grin on young Tom's face when he drove away made me happy that I had sold it to the right person, he already had a list of things he was going to do to make it "his", perfect.
I shall stay around the forum, especially the 996 section, it's a good community. I'd better let the lads at Dove House know they've lost one of their best customers, I'll take some beers round, they've been amazing over the last 10 years.
See you guys out on the road, S11URV will be attached to something fast very soon.
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