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996 C4 ownership diary (Now RWD)


3 Jul 2016
Thought I'd stick a couple of pictures up of my car with newly fitted OZ Allegerrita alloys fitted, these wheels are GT3 fitment and fill the arches just perfectly for me.

The first picture is how it looked with the turbo twists.

With the OZ's

That looks mint! My favourite aftermarket 911 wheel. :thumb:
Cheers bud, I just need to sort out the ride height and I'll be happy with the way the car looks.
Yes there 18 x 11 on the rear with an et63 offset

The front is 18 x 8.5 with an et40 offset, I was a little concerned with the front dimensions but they look spot on
That looks great, I'd like a set for my car
Just a little follow up to this, I'm going to keep this as diary as to what I've done to the car as I tend to do service/maintenance myself.

When I first bought th car it was sold to me with a faulty steering rack and that was it, I bought it without doing any research so there lies the problem.

After buying the car I changed the oil to millers after reading on here, after taking the car out for a spirted drive I was getting the oil light on at idle and oil pressure was really low, I ordered up a new oil pressure sender and hoped for the best unfortunately the issue was still there I then dropped the filter to open it up and check for metal fragments I didn't have to search hard it was like a glitter ball.

This is after about 8 weeks into ownership so it looks like I had been sold a dog, anyway I had a decision to make in whether to fix it or get shot eventually I decided on sending it to Hartech for a comprehensive rebuild.

Before I got the car it had just been fitted with a new clutch and dual mass fly wheel and had the pinion shaft done on the gearbox, my thoughts were if the engine was done proper and the gearbox/clutch side of things are all good then that has to be worth working with from there.

After getting the car back I was on the quest to run it in, I don't do a lot of miles with the car due to work etc so 2k miles was gonna take a while I'm actually still working on it but nearly there, although it's still being run in the engine feels different and definitely a lot more powerful.

When the engine was rebuilt there were a few wiring issues found mainly with the knock sensor which would cause the timing to retard as it would think there was issues, Hartech repaired this and at the same time fitted a new Maf as the existing was causing fuelling errors, basically before the car went into be repaired there was actually a few problems I did know things were not right as the check engine light would always show it's face a certain revs and the car didn't really feel quick but we now know why !!

I'll update this as I go on
The wheels were actually anthracite when I got them, I wasn't keen on them against the silver car, the few people that did see it with thme dark wheels said the same, hard to describe but they just didn't look right to me, Personal taste I dare say.
Looks stunning. When you come to refurb them, they'd look great in anthracite.
To date I've done the following.

Engine rebuild as above
New coil packs
New oil pressure sender
Repaired evap problem (faulty purge valve)
New steering rack
Renewed coffin arms rear
Renewed track control arms rear
Renewed fork arms rear
Renewed link arms rear
Renewed all nuts & bolts on rear end refurb.

Gundo hack carried out to standard silencers
Cutout and renewed bolts between manifold and cats
OZ Allegerrita alloys

Still to do
Look into air con problem (possible condensers)
Fit new gearbox mount (mount bought)
Decided on engine mounts

Just bought Bilstein B6 shocks front & rear, still deciding on springs/ride height
A little update to keep up to date with things on my end as much as anything.

Have since changed the wheels a few times over and I'm now happy enough with what's on the car. I've still sort out suspension when I decide what I'm going to be fitting, still got the B6 Bilsteins sitting but still toying with coilovers

Not done a great deal except drive the car, over the coming months I intend to carry out rust prevention works as others have done. Car has had full machine polish and has come up well.

Recents works

New condensers x 2, new air con drier and recharge, now icy cold
Alex SSK set up. (Massive improvement)
Engine oil change after running in, Millers as spec'd by Hartech.
Gear oil change
Top gear 200 cell cats, mild sport boxes & 2 new lambda sensors
New gearbox mount
New rennline engine mounts (fitted with yellow inserts)

I've not updated this for a long time, car is no longer a C4 I've removed all front end drive train and fitted Bilstein coil overs and C2 hubs etc. I'll need to update. Here's how it's looking now.


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