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996 C4 (1999) - Cracked Cylinder Heads - Is a Repair OK ??


5 Mar 2019
Hi all,

Can I please ask for some guidance?

I'm looking at getting an early 996 C4 as they seem to be creeping up in value to complement the 981.

The car I'm considering has had cracked and repaired 1. 2 .3 cylinder heads.

Ordinarily id walk but this car has had the IMS and RMS replaced recently so before I dismiss it...is an engine that with repaired heads going to be Ok long term ?

What should i be looking for etc ?

Or should i walk and keep looking ?

(I've seen a number of threads but cant seem to find out l if a well repaired engine head is OK long terms)
Thank you T8...much appreciated.
I think the general feeling from that post is it's a gamble ..

If this car has done 10K miles since the repair then yup it should be ok ..

If its done 500 miles then it's iffy .

Worst way and a new head will be required .. not cheap .
Hi deMort

Long time no speak..thank you for your sage advise.....I trust you are keeping well.

I'm going to look at the car tomorrow....my fear is that I will just end up buying the damn thing.

From what I can gather thus far, the cylinder heads where done last year and the car hasn't been used much since !
It has been a while young man but always a pleasure .

My worry is the repair has not been done long enough ago to have proven the repair is good .. if it isn't then a new head is needed .. not cheap ..

If the car can be bought at a sensible cost then that is factored in .

Your going to buy it though ain't you :)
Well...things have moved on a little this week...

Went to look at the 996 C2 but it was just to much of a project car...even at £9k.

So...chance was that I spoke to the exhaust specialist i took my 981 Boxster too to replace the exhaust tips..who happened to mention that he may..and i stress the "may" be selling his 996 C4S !

So...after numerous discussions im going to look at it tomorrow...but unless its a real dog i think i'll buy....obviously !!!!!

I do however need to buy so something soon before i end up in a GT2....which would require me selling the family silver and pimping out my wife....which im sure might sound appealing the longer my obsession goes unsatisfied in buying a "new" Porsche !!!....

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