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996 C2 Tyre Question

Ian W

10 Jun 2004
Hi everyone, I have a 20,000-mile '02 C2 on 18" Carrera alloys that is currently shod with Pirelli P Zero Rosso N4s - 225/40 F 285/30 R. The rears are now close to needing replacement, the fronts probably have another few thousand miles left. My question is this. Is there a tyre option that will quieten the car down without sacrificing grip? Compared to my last Porsche (a '99 C4) this one generates a simply huge amount of tyre roar. The C4 was fitted wih Contis all-round - is it likely to be the different tyre make that is causing the difference or do the wider rears on the later car (285 vs. 265) just always sound noisier? Should I minimise cost by just replacing the rear Pirellis with similar and live with the racket or would Conti's all-round on the C2 give me the quieter ride I'd like? For that matter is there another, all-round better alternative I should consider? Apologies for so many Qs Ian W PS Would add that I'm using the tyres at the standard sticker pressures of 2.5 Bar F and 3 Bar R

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not sure about the noise factor..... although I think ??? conti's would be quieter, although not as grippy as the P's IMHO they are still porsche rated so good enough..

although more noise would come from the shere width of the tyre, you could always try 265/35 up at rear instead which would be quieter and less £'s !

switching pressues makes a difference to ride and handling not sure about noise

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