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996 c2 Brakes - help pls..!!


5 Mar 2007
Just picked up a 2003 996 c2 (first Porsche!) - its superb, every bit as good as expected but..... the brakes seem hard work. They do work and will stop the car evenly and qucikly, but they need a lot of pedal pressure to get an effect. I also have an EVO with Brembos and std pads and they are much sharper? I expected even std Porsche brakes to be as good as the EVO.The car was serviced 4000 miles back by OPC, its just passed its MOT and has been passed by the supplying dealer who says the brakes are normal and fine. I have had the front wheels off, cleaned everything up a bit and all appears to be working and reasonably clean.Does this sound normal? Are there different grades of pads that are fitted by OPCs Dependant on the owners choice and use? What is best or most common choice to go in std calipers and on std rotors, perhaps to give more bite with less effort - main use is fast road driving .... no track use as such

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I've answered this elsewhere...... :wink:

So for the others.....

I'm afraid you'll just have to get used to it, Porsche don't over servo the brakes allowing you to 'feel' and modulate the brakes appropriately.As regards other pads, you can try others but be aware some are more aggressive to the discs (ie. Pagid Yellows 19/29), EBC Red Ceramics have a lousy feel when cold and really need some heat before they work well.Personally I prefer the RS29s but they are expensive and your discs will start to develop cracks far sooner than with OEM pads.

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Brakes should feel strong but have a pedal which requires a positive input to get results. They have been designed this way to make it easier to modulate your braking inputs and are far less heavily servoed than many other performance cars. This is to suit more skilled drivers (not saying that you're not btw!).

You just have to learn to use them and how get the best results. This will take a bit of having a good stab at them but by 996 vintage the brakes really are very good.

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Yes it does sound normal and can be a bit un-nerving to start with. A lot of pressure is required to get the brakes to kick in. But when they kick in the speed should shed very quickly.

It sounds stupid but try some left foot braking, people are usually at lot more clumsy with their left foot and you will feel them bite harder.

That said there are different pads you can put on - not 100% sure if the OPCs will over this though. I have always stuck to standard pads.

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Another thing i find is that when i haven't driven the car in a while and first use the brakes they don't feel so strong but if you give them a good stab they soon remind you of how strong they are!

Your EVO will have lots of electronic assistance with its brakes whereas Porsche leave the control up to you.

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I did not notice anyone saying welcome, so welcome.

Also agree with all the comments above. When you are used to them they are a pleasure to use, but a bit unerving if coming from something with an agressive set up.

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One of the joys of switching between cars! I get out of the GT3 & into the Lotus or RR & usually end up putting myself through the windscren with the 1st dab on the brakes. Switching back the other way i usually come close to steering into the ditch as I forget how precise the steering is and how quick it turns in! :oops:

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Interestingly, did anyone else notice that the 997 brakes seem to be servo'ed up a bit more than the 996?

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everything feels servo'd up in the 997 compared to the 996! imho the 997 clutch, brake and gas pedal feel like a BMW or Honda... :(

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Cheers everyone... great set of replies and thanks for the welcome. This has made me relax a bit, because peops are describing exactly what I felt and was experiencing. The 996 brakes work well, but need pressure to do so - fair enough, I will get used to that, as long as this is normal. Being used to an EVO/Beema... if you hit the brakes at Porsche level....... you would peel your face of the screen afterwards..!

The general view seems to be that the OEM pads are as good as any other on std cals and rotors for road use, particularly if you want to avoid premature disc degradation and high dust.... so no need to change these.... good!!

Thanks again....

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by So Poo on 06 March 2007
Interestingly, did anyone else notice that the 997 brakes seem to be servo'ed up a bit more than the 996?

Too servoed!!!

Ade, remember the 997 uses a Japanese gearbox so what do you expect!

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Roadhog1, I echo your thoughts. I, too, am new to Porsche ownership (and indeed this forum). Just before buying my 996, I had a test drive in a 4S and the sales guy told me to give a good old stab on the brakes in order to slow down properly. So, to me, the brakes feel hard compared with my Golf.

~ Maxie

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Maxie, just for information, thought I would mention that I took all the brakes apart again (2nd time!!!!), just to make doubly sure everything was genuinely OK and this time gave the pads and discs a rub over with some mid grade emery. Then re-seated everything (after cleaning up) with Copperslip and ressembled. NOW... they have bite and feel... yes they need pressure... but when this is applied, they stop very well...much more like I expected. Think maybe I had some glazing or deposits on them...dunno really :?
Anyway, they work better now.

Cheers and welcome......

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